Master’s double degree opens door to global business careers

15 May 2014

Future international business leaders will be able to gain a double postgraduate degree – one from UQ Business School and one from a top European business school – under a newly launched innovative program.

ESSEC Business School in Paris, the Norwegian School of Economics, Aalto University in Finland and Italy’s Bocconi University have teamed with UQ Business School to offer the new double Master’s degree.  

Students undertaking the Master of Global Management would spend the first year at UQ and the second year at a European partner school, said UQ Business School Dean Professor Andrew Griffiths.

“This program will broaden our students’ horizons across the business, political and social spheres,” Professor Griffiths said.

“The Master of Global Management will launch international business careers and expose students to a quality global peer network.

“We live in a truly global age. UQ Business School is committed to developing future leaders with the ability to thrive in a multicultural environment and lead positive change in the global community.

“The new program recognises the value of a European degree on the world business stage – and allows students to gain two degrees in a reduced time.”

Students in the program will undertake internships, working inside “highly innovative businesses” in Australia and Europe.

“This will provide them with outstanding practical experience to further develop their global business skills,” Professor Griffiths said.

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