The Association for Information Systems (AIS) has named the Special Interest Group (SIG) ‘Services’ as an outstanding SIG for the year 2019 – the fourth year in a row!


Dr Christoph Breidbach

Dr Christoph Breidbach, Senior Lecturer in Business Information Systems and Co-Lead of the UQ Service Innovation Alliance also leads the SIG as elected President, a position he has held since 2018.

The SIG Services is one of 37 groups that have been named an outstanding SIG, chapter or college by the AIS.

Criteria for recognition include hosting events, workshops, or conference tracks; publishing research; recognizing member achievements; communication and promotion of the group’s activities; and effective group operations. All AIS Communities are eligible for recognition each year and are awarded only if they meet the criteria for the award within a single calendar year.

As President, Dr Breidbach has overseen several of the groups’ highlights during 2019, some of which included a dedicated workshop at the International Conference for Information Systems in Munich, Germany,  and the development of a new research agenda for the academic community.

Commenting on the success of the recognition for the SIG, Dr Breidbach noted that “the intersection of service and digital technologies continues to be a key driver of economic growth, and the activities and success of the SIG are a testament for the need to support managerial practice and policy-making through academic research from within the BIS discipline and beyond’

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