Why should I do the training?

Education is an essential element of the global response to climate change, one of the biggest challenges of our time. By enrolling in this program, you are equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills to respond to this challenge, as an individual and as a collective group.

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How long is the program and what will I learn during the program?

The UQ Carbon Literacy program takes 8 hours. It will teach you the basics of climate change science, what’s already happening globally and locally, how your actions may be affecting climate change and what you, as an individual, can do to help. During the program, you will also make at least two significant low-carbon pledges. You will:

  • Create at least one significant action, as an individual, to reduce your own personal carbon footprint.
  • Create at least one significant action involving other people to reduce the collective footprint of your workplace, community or place of education.

You’ll also learn about some of the excellent things that those around us are already doing and find out how to motivate and inspire those around you, including gaining the confidence to express your Carbon Literacy to others.

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Is the program hard?

Learning about climate change isn’t easy, but it’s one of the most important things you’ll ever learn. In order to achieve your Carbon Literacy certificate, you will be required to put in some effort. The Carbon Literacy Project only certifies individuals that have shown engagement, enthusiasm and have contributed to the workshop activities and discussions. You must create significant personal and group actions to reduce your carbon footprint. Your Facilitator will also give you advice on where to find out more following the completion of your course

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Do I need to have any experience or prior knowledge before taking the UQ Carbon Literacy Program?

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of climate change to take part in this program. You do need to be keen and willing to learn.


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What is the level of commitment to the program?

You will need to commit to undertake the whole 8-hour course comprising a blend of 6 hours of sessions either online or in person and 2 hours of online self-study.

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How many participants are trained in each session?

Face-to-face sessions are limited to 40 participants per facilitator. Larger sessions can be held with additional facilitators to support the delivery.

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I won’t be able to attend all the sessions. What can I do?

Before enrolling, we ask that you make sure you are available to complete the full program (i.e. 8 hours). Only if you attend the full program, will you be able to submit your assessment. In case of unforeseen circumstances, you have to miss a session or two, we will allow you to make them up when new dates are offered.

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How long will I get access to the learning materials after the delivery of the program?

For program integrity purposes, learning materials are available up to the assessment submission.  

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What will the Carbon Literacy assessment consist of?

Taking approximately 2 hours to complete, the assessment is compulsory to become eligible for certification in addition to completing the full program. The assessment is due one week after the last face-to-face session of the program. If you have any trouble completing your assessment, please reach out to your Facilitator directly. A rubric is also available.

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How and when will I receive the certificate?

After successful completion and review, your certificate is issued by the Carbon Literacy Project and distributed by the University of Queensland in a PDF format. From submission of your assessment to receiving your certificate, estimate approximately two to three weeks.

Certificates awarded to individuals carry unique codes and will not expire, but it is likely that the core elements of the content will evolve over time, and standards and expectations will rise. When subsequent ‘upgraded’ versions of the certificate become available, individuals may choose to refresh their skills to ensure they retain the latest version.

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Who facilitates the program?

The program is delivered by UQ academics or certified Carbon Literate Facilitators. They deliver the UQ Carbon Literacy Program in full being four face-to-face sessions. One or two sessions may occasionally be delivered by a Facilitator Trainee.

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How much does the program cost?

The program is free of charge for all UQ Students and staff. For alumni, it is AUD$40. For the general public, it is $80. The cost involves a fraction of the cost of the program facilitation, assessment review and certificate. The remainder is covered by the University of Queensland as part of its commitment to creating a positive global impact.

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Can the UQ Carbon Literacy Program be rolled out within organisations?

We can deliver the program to organisations. The UQ Carbon Literacy program’s content is customised to suit each industry’s challenges. Please reach out for more information.

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UQ Carbon Literacy Train-the-Trainer Program

What is the UQ Carbon Literacy Train-the-Trainer program?

Carbon Literacy delivers the Train-the-Trainer program subject to demand. If you wish to participate in the Train-the-Trainer program for your organisation or for yourself, please get in touch and we will help to make that happen. Contact us to receive a detailed brochure.

How can I become a Facilitator?

Once you are Carbon Literacy Certified, you can become a Facilitator yourself and disseminate your knowledge to others by completing the Train-the-Trainer program. It consists of online learning modules and one face-to-face workshop, and the facilitation of two Carbon Literacy sessions observed by a Lead Facilitator who provides feedback. Once you are ready, you will be able to fully deliver the UQ Carbon Literacy Program. Please contact us for further information.

Do I need to be Carbon Literate certified to become a Facilitator?

Yes, you need to have successfully completed the UQ Carbon Literacy Program, unless you are an academic teaching sustainability or related topics.

Will I be paid as a Facilitator?

Yes, students, alumni and professional staff who are not working full-time at UQ will be paid. Please contact us for the current rate of payment. UQ academics may be able to negotiate teaching relief. Further information is available on request.

I don’t want to become a Facilitator. Can I offer some help instead in a different capacity?

Once you are Carbon Literacy Certified, you can become a Helper and assist with the delivery of the UQ Carbon Literacy Program. This role consists of assisting Facilitators to run their sessions smoothly.

Will I be paid as a Helper?

As a Helper you are involved on a voluntary basis.

What type of commitment is expected when joining the UQ Carbon Literacy Facilitator and Helper Team?

Once you register your interest, we will reach out to ascertain your availability over the next few months.

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