The University of Queensland Business School exclusively invites you to attend our Thought Leadership Evening investigating, Why Every Business Needs Service Innovation to Thrive, Not Just Survive on Wednesday 6 November 2019.

Organisations are increasingly grappling with change driven by digital transformation and automation. No longer can we say ‘digital disruption’ is a future concern, it’s now part of everyday life. This year alone driverless bus trials commenced in Sydney Olympic Park, Uber launched a rideshare submarine in Queensland and artificial intelligence is embedded in our daily lives.
So, how can businesses not just survive but thrive in a light-speed technological evolution that guarantees perpetual change? The key to success is innovation! In particular, service innovation – which focuses on the co-creation of value with stakeholders. In service innovation tech plays a relatively small role, as innovating delivery modes, customer relationships and business models are much more important. 

Innovation expert and UQ Graduate Management Director Associate Professor Tim Kastelle is joined by Lisa Jenkinson, Director of Innovation, Digital & Data from KPMG to provide insights on how to effectively innovate when you’re delivering a service and practical steps that your organisation can take to use these changes as an opportunity. When you get right down to it, all of us are delivering a service, aren’t we?

Guests will have the opportunity to network with UQ alumni and industry guests over drinks and canapés. 

About Thought Leadership Series

Join us for our dynamic Business School Thought Leadership Series, which presents alumni and industry friends with the latest business topics and issues impacting their careers.


In partnership with KPMG, The Thought Leadership Series showcases cutting-edge academic research paired with practical industry advice. The events also provide UQ alumni and industry guests with the opportunity to network over drinks and canapés. The Thought Leadership Series was developed in 2016 and has been delivered tri-annually in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne ever since, featuring topics including cybersecurity, marketing through virtual reality and resolving conflict in the workplace.

“The thing I love about the Thought Leadership Series is you get really digestible, applicable information. It’s not a lecture, it’s short, sweet and relevant.”

Chris Hurn, Director & Co-Founder, Effigy Consulting (UQ MBA Graduate, 2017)

2019 Thought Leadership Series

The 2019 Series tackled three industry-relevant topics: Why every business needs service innovation to thrive, not just survive, Planning for sustainability and The future of leadership.

  • Why every business needs service innovation to thrive, not just survive
    In this series, innovation expert and UQ Graduate Management Director, Associate Professor Tim Kastelle, was joined by Lisa Jenkinson, KPMG Director of Innovation, Digital & Data (UQ MBA Graduate, 2016) to provide insights into how to effectively innovate when you’re delivering a service and practical steps your organisation can adopt to thrive in the technological evolution that guarantees perpetual change.

  • Planning for sustainability
    How can companies embrace sustainability as a strategic imperative rather than an operational choice to embrace resilience and plan for a sustainable future? Professor Andrew Griffiths and Dr Belinda Wade, specialists in strategy and corporate sustainability, discussed initiatives and sustainability strategies organisations can use to build resilience, and champion environmentally and socially conscious business practices.

  • The future of leadership
    How can leaders navigate the transitioning workplace and business terrain to prepare for the challenges of the future? Leadership expert and UQ MBA Director Dr Nicole Hartley is joined by Stefanie Bradley, Partner at KPMG, to provide insights on the skills leaders will need to thrive in conditions of uncertainty, and create an environment where people can do their best work in volatile, complex markets.

2020 Thought Leadership Series

Interested in attending future Thought Leadership Series sessions? You'll be excited to know a brand new series featuring more exciting topics to help you stay ahead of the game in your career will be announced in early 2020. Keep an eye out for more information about these sessions by following UQ Business School on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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