Mike Molinari is Managing Director of IP Group Australia. IP Group works closely with >30 partner universities globally, including the Group of Eight and the University of Auckland in Australasia, to identify and develop great ideas into world-changing businesses. IP Group has committed to invest a minimum of A$200M in projects from Australasian university partners.

Mike has a wealth of experience in building early-stage technology companies, having previously worked with IP Group in the UK, with Brandon Capital in Australia, in strategy roles with McKinsey and Company and Cricket Australia, and at the Centre for Vision in the Developing World. Mike has a DPhil and MSc in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Oxford, and undergraduate degrees in Chemical Engineering and Science from the University of Melbourne.

Is the market big enough to warrant the risk? How do you find product market fit and make sure you solve the right problem? In this session, Cameron and Mike will explore the processes used to make investment decisions for technology start-ups, and how to build an execution team and strategy.

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