Yasmina is the Director of the ARC Training Centre for Uniquely Australian Foods. Currently researching the minimisation of post-harvest losses through value addition, and the serach for natural preservatives to replace current synthetic chemicals, Yasmina's research area also includes the challenge of nutrition security, micronutrient deficiency (hidden hunger), lack of diet diversity, and nutritional losses in the food supply chain.

Her work on Australian native plant foods is focused on the incorporation of these plants in mainstream agriculture and diet diversification, and working with Indigenous communities to develop nutritious and sustainable value-added products from native plants for use in the food, feed, cosmetics, and health care industries is a key strategy. The creation of employment, economic, and social benefits in these remote communities is an anticipated outcome.

She and her team have established a Training Centre funded by the Australian Research Council that aims to transform the native Food and Agribusiness Sector through development of selected crops, foods, and ingredients using an Indigenous governance group to oversee the process of converting traditional knowledge into branded products.

Cameron's discussion with Yasmina will touch on the potentials of this, and consider the opportunities to achieve impact with game-changing research.

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