Grounded Foods Co has taken the world's most popular cheeses, and reimagined them in plant based format.

Free from nuts, soy, gluten and GMOs but full of flavour and nutrients, Grounded Foods Co uses cauliflower and hemp seed to create low cost and sustainable alternatives to replicate the unique characteristics that make cheese so addictive and satisfying to eat. 

Grounded Foods Co goes beyond taste, and creates an entire sensory experience. 

Created by Award Winning Chef and Australian Culinary Ambassador Shaun Quade and Veronica Fil, Founder and CEO of Grounded Foods Co, this two person team have created a stir with online markets and foodservice customers in New York City - despite ongoing global economic uncertainty.

Join Cameron Turner, Shaun Quade and Veronica Fil as they discuss Grounded Foods Co's innovative and entrepreneurial approach to reimagining plant based cheese.

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