How to tailor
UQ's flexible
MBA to suit
your schedule
and goals

Your MBA, your way 

How to tailor UQ's flexible MBA
to suit your schedule and goals

Your MBA, your way 

Gone are the days of having to choose to further your education over maintaining a successful career or having a family. The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) recognises the importance of offering students flexible study options. That’s why it’s been designed with the flexibility to fit into your life and around other commitments, not the other way around. 

What makes the UQ MBA program flexible?

True flexibility is about having the opportunity to choose how to fit study in with your existing commitments. It’s also about having the ability to easily modify your timetable along the way. With this MBA, you don't have to choose between accelerating your career or focusing on other life priorities. You can tailor the program to suit your goals.

Different class times and lengths 

Create your own balance of AM or PM classes, and weekend or week-long intensives. 

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Study online or in person

Our blended learning mode gives you the flexibility to choose whether you study in-person at 88 Creek Street in our conveniently located Brisbane CBD location. or online via our interactive, live lectures. Or, study a mixture of both modes. Dial your collaboration time up or down, depending on your needs.

Choose how long it takes to finish

At UQ, you can ramp up your studies through intensive courses to complete your MBA in just 1 year or choose our streamlined option to complete your studies in 2 years. Or, with our flexible mode, you can adjust your study pathway as your priorities change, with up to 10 years to complete your studies. The amount of time you'll spend studying each week will vary depending on which study mode you choose.

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The 3 ways you can structure your UQ MBA

1. Accelerated program

Complete the MBA program in 1 year by studying full time in intensive blocks between January and November in the same year. International students will need to complete the MBA using this option.

2. Streamlined program

Complete the MBA program over 24 months alongside your work commitments by studying during morning, evening or weekend classes as well as 1-week intensive options.

3. Customised flexibility program

Study at your own pace on weekdays, weeknights, weekends or an array of short intensive options. You will have up to 10 years to fully complete the program if needed. 

Students who have successfully completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course may be eligible for two units of credit towards Strategic Human Resources Management (MGTS7809).

Here’s how 4 of our students made the flexibility of the UQ MBA work for them

Alex: Completed the MBA in 1 year while working part-time

Dr Alex Chaudhuri is an Infectious Diseases expert who juggled full-time study with his high-pressure job to complete the MBA in 1 year.

“It was a very difficult year, but it taught me how to manage stress, and I grew from the challenge.

“I had to be very organised and carve out protected time for my near and dear because I didn’t want to neglect that aspect of my life. I also found it important to be open about what that year was going to mean for my relationships and work life.

“Thankfully, I had the support of my wife and my boss, who had to trust I wouldn’t neglect my work and that I’d be available to hash out any issues if they arose.

“Although I didn’t choose to take up the flexible course options, knowing I could if I needed to was very helpful and made all the difference to me.”

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Dr Alex Chaudhuri


Camilla Roberts


Camilla: made the most of the MBA's flexible options to cope with life’s curveballs

When Camilla Roberts started the MBA, she was working a full-time, busy corporate job where she was often travelling. Then, she was made redundant. Realising she had to create her own work, Camilla started her own consulting firm while looking for another full-time job. At the same time, she had a non-executive director position on a not-for-profit board, was planning to have children, and was also juggling other general life commitments while studying.

“I took advantage of all the flexible class options available in the UQ MBA. I studied full-time for a while then I worked full-time and attended morning and evening classes. I also did some intensive classes during annual leave or with professional development leave from my employer.”

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Helen: became a mum of 2 children while studying and maintaining a successful career

MBA alum Helen Barker used the program’s flexibility to her benefit to manage her parenting and work responsibilities while studying.

“I did half of my MBA before kids, the other half of the program after having kids. 

“I found the UQ MBA very flexible. There were lots of different study options, which meant I could finish it when I wanted to, and I didn’t have to wait to do subjects. Staff and students were very accommodating. 

“Although the time I had to spend on my studies after having kids was much more limited, it made me appreciate everything I learned that much more”.

Helen Barker


Matthew Jones


Matthew: business owner, not-for-profit board member and dad

Matthew Jones had to juggle full-time work, cultural obligations and being a parent to a young family while he was studying the MBA. He also served as a non-executive director on two not-for-profit boards and completed his studies over 3 years.

“One of the things that helped me juggle my competing priorities was the fact that the course delivery could vary. I took a couple of subjects on weeknights if I thought I needed a greater amount of time to learn.

“Conversely, I found the weekend intensives over a 6-week period to be quite useful for me and I also did a number of week-and-a-half intensive courses. The flexibility of the program allows you to fit the right subject into your schedule for where you are and where your career is at the time.”

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How could UQ's flexible MBA work for you?

With flexible study options to suit everyone’s busy schedule and career goals, there’s an MBA timetable to suit you.

To see how the MBA program can be tailored to suit your schedule, goals and existing commitments, here are 2 hypothetical examples of different MBA journeys.

Reach out to our MBA team to discuss how you can fit the UQ MBA in your life