Dr Mahmud Hassan is pursuing a PhD within the marketing cluster in University of Queensland Business School. Currently, he is working as a casual lecturer in University of Southern Queensland, where he is teaching in the marketing discipline. His research interest is to explore how consumers’ perceptions of brand innovativeness are formed. Prior to joining UQ, he was working with Chittagong Independent University where he has taught extensively at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Dr Hassan received a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Marketing from Southern Cross University, Australia.

His research demonstrated how consumers within online social networking sites are engaging in new pro-social behaviours that add value to the brand. His primary academic contribution is to the study of Brand’s defending behaviour and he is one of the first few researchers to identify such behaviour within the context of online social networking sites. Furthermore, he has coined the term “Cheerleading role” within the context of marketing and consumer behaviour. These are the consumers within social networking sites who want to reduce the anxiety and frustration of other waiting members and hence, increase the brand value. Dr Hassan has published in Internet Marketing and Journal of Consumer Behavior and participated in conferences in American Marketing Association (AMA) and Australia & New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) and Spanish Marketing Conference.