Karina is a PhD candidate in Business Information Systems at The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School. Her professional record includes over 15 years of project management & business analysis in New Zealand, Australia and Japan where she was involved in various organisational transformation programs. Karina has an extended professional network that spans across the public and private sectors both domestically and internationally. She has held various consulting and IT leadership positions for companies such as Danone Water Japan, Boeing Defence Australia, Flight Centre Limited, Downer Mining, Australian Taxation Office, Max Solutions Limited and most recently at the University of Queensland. Her research interest lies in the field of Business Information Systems and she is currently undertaking her doctoral studies with a project that will provide a framework to determine if business projects are suitable distributed ledger technology (DLT) candidates (blockchain projects), with the correct capabilities, to have the best possibility of project implementation success. Her broader research focus lies on the impact of disruptive technologies and appropriate governance structures for project endorsement.