Researcher biography

Dr Anna (Anya) Phelan is a Lecturer within the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Discipline at the University of Queensland Business School. She teaches undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Social Entrepreneurship and Business Sustainability. Anya is also Entrepreneur in Residence with the CSIRO Plastics Innovation Hub.

Anya's ongoing research efforts are structured around the following streams: 1) circular economy and plastics 2) social entrepreneurship and small-scale enterprise development 3) decarbonisation and business sustainability

Dr Phelan's research portfolio includes working closely with stakeholders from government, industry, sustainability sector, not-for-profits, and community. She brings twenty-three years combined academic and industry experience in business development, technical consulting, and qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Previously, Dr Phelan was a Research Fellow at UQ Business School and the Academic Coordinator for the Global Change Scholars Program with the UQ Graduate School, where she worked with high-performing PhD students from across UQ on issues of global change and research leadership. In 2020 Anya led the Global Change Institute Flagship Project - Small Island Initiative for a Plastic Free Ocean - investigating factors contributing to ocean plastic pollution in Indonesia. Anya has designed and delivered research studies and was part of the Business Development team for the Capturing Coral Reef & Related Ecosystem Services (CCRES) project, focused on alternative sustainable livelihoods that protect and enhance coastal ecosystem services.