Researcher biography

Working within the discipline of system thinking and system dynamics, Dr Sue McAvoy is engaged in multidisciplinary research through the UQBS. One of Sue's roles is to introduce systems science (predictive analytics) to the Mater healthcare businesses. System Dynamics simulation models can provide a valuable role in probing healthcare systems and strengthening them. They provide a rigorous, data driven, systematic way to use evidence based learning to inform strategy development and implementation. The modelling methodology and architecture encourages the adoption of a systemic view of the interactions involved in patient flows and offers a strategic perspective on how best to optimise the management of the system's resources. Predictive dashboards can assist policy makers, clinicians and business managers to respondoptimally to uncertainty.

Sue also lectures the newly introduced Business Dynamics subject into the UQBS Master's Program. Building on existing business strategy concepts, Business Dynamics uses the tools and principles of System Dynamics to analyse and understand a firm's performance and design robust strategies to improve its performance through time.

Sue is currently leading a project within the UQBS investigating how potentially disruptive red meat grown from stem cell technology may be to the traditional industry. This work is funded by a Meat and Livestock Association Research Grant.

Sue has a first class honours degree in Econometrics, a full two year MBA and completed a PhD in 2015 investigating the impact of the carbon tax on Australia's Red Meat Industry using system dynamics. Sue's interest in the topic was born of working for 25 years in the red meat processing sector. She entered the industry in 1984, accepting the newly formed role of Group Treasurer, Australia Meat Holdings, to steer Australia's major processing companies through an industry wide rationalisation. In later years, Sue undertook the role of Risk Manager and Co-Treasurer for JBS Australia's operations, a $3 billion dollar enterprise nationally. Responsibilities included currency management, cash flow management and loan negotiation. Prior to 1984, Sue was second in charge of the Queensland Government Treasury Department with responsibility for management of Queensland Government debt and foreign currency exposures under the leadership of Sir Leo Hielscher.

Current wider business and community roles include being Board Chair at St Joseph's Nudgee College, Brisbane with prior roles including Deputy Chair and Chair of the Finance and Risk Committee. In earlier years, Sue was Chair of the Sts Peter and Pauls School Board and on the Finance Committee of Greening Australia.