Researcher biography

TYLER G. OKIMOTO is an Associate Professor in Management in the UQ Business School where he currently serves as Management Discipline Leader, and teaches courses on leadership, human resources, conflict/negotiation, and decision-making in the Undergraduate, MBA, and Executive levels. Prior to joining UQ in 2011, he received his Ph.D. in Social and Organisational Psychology from New York University in 2005, and worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the School of Psychology at Flinders University in Australia, and in the School of Management at Yale University. Dr. Okimoto's research investigates biases in organisational and ethical decision-making, particularly how those biases contribute to discrimination, unethical practices, injustice, and conflict within and between groups. In 2012 he was awarded the Early Career Researcher Award from the International Society for Justice Research for his contributions to the understanding of conflict and justice repair.