Business Industry Placement

Take the first step in your career with a Business Industry Placement. 

A Business Industry Placement is a unique opportunity available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The courses offers no traditional lectures, no tutorials and no textbooks. Instead, you are assessed on your workplace experience by both the course coordinator at UQ as well as by your employer. 

Over the semester, you will take on a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement working in an industry setting. During this time, you will be able to apply theoretical knowledge and experience from your UQ courses to a real-life organisation. 

Course information:

Interested? For more information on employability programs at UQ or for dedicated assistance and tailored programs and services at every stage of your studies, visit the BEL Student Employability Team.


How can you get involved?

1. Check your course eligibility

Do you meet the following criteria?

> Studying a Bachelor of Business Management or Bachelor of Commerce

  • Minimum GPA of 4.0
  • Single degree: min of #24 units within a program
  • Dual degree: min of #32 units within a program

> Studying a Masters of Business or Masters of Commerce

  • Minimum GPA of 4.0 
  • #24 Master's: min of #8 units within a program
  • #32 Master's: min of #16 units within a program


2. Apply to the program using StudentHub

Complete the StudentHub Application Form and submit for BEL SET to assess. 

You will be required to provide:

  • Cover letter and resume
  • Academic transcript
  • Answers to selection criteria


3. Check course enrolment eligibility

When your application has been approved, an email will be sent to the Student Experience team requesting an eligibility check. Once your eligibility has been confirmed, you will receive an email accepting you into the program.


4. Secure your work experience placement

You are required to source your own placement. However, you not left to do this alone. UQ BEL Student Employability Team will: 

  • Assist where possible to help you identify and source a suitable placement
  • Help you with your resume and cover letter applications
  • Provide tips and tricks for interviews and networking
  • Meet with you to discuss your options


5. Complete the paperwork and enrol into the course

Once you have secured your placement, you will be required to enter your placement details and paperwork into InPlace. BEL SET will then approve your placement.