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Assessment remarks

A remark is done only when—

  • the student has sought and received feedback about their performance on the assessment from the Course Coordinator or lecturer concerned (or has viewed their examination paper and model answers/written comments/etc.); and
  • the student, after receiving feedback, provides in writing a sound academic case to show how the mark awarded does not reflect their performance with respect to the published assessment criteria for that assessment (see your Electronic Course Profile, Blackboard, or contact your course coordinator).
  • Applications which do not provide a sound academic case will not be approved (in accordance with section 4.3 of PPL 3.10.10 Assessment Re-mark). Please provide any additional and relevant information in support of your request.

Request for Assessment Remark application is on my.UQ.

The desire for extra marks to achieve a higher final course grade is not sufficient grounds for a re-mark, nor is performance in other courses.

Assessment viewing register

  • Register for exam viewing sessions here.
  • End of semester examination papers will be available for viewing the first and second week of the next semester but you will need to register.
  • Mid-semester exam papers and other assessment are available for viewing at the discretion of the lecturer. If they are going to do this, they will tell you in class.
  • Students should use this link to register for examination viewing sessions; if there is no session, it will tell you and give you a link to how to contact your lecturer directly. Use the same name and password as for SI-net (e.g. s9990000) to log in.

Rules for exam viewing

  • At the viewing session, students will be given their exam papers and the model answers, which they may view on site.
  • No pens, pencils or mobile phones can be used when viewing an exam paper and are to remain in your bag, otherwise this will result in a potential misconduct.
  • No exam papers may be taken out of the viewing room.
  • No bags may be taken into the viewing room.
  • At the time of viewing the exam papers, the associate lecturer, course coordinator or their delegate of the course will be available in the viewing room.
  • For further information on applications for assessment re-mark, see the Assessment Re-Mark section above.

General notes about examinations

  • Examination start times
    Students should arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes prior to the stated start time of the examination. Students will be brought into the examination room in sufficient time to allow for the examination to commence at the start time.
  • Student ID cards
    Students are reminded that you MUST bring your Student ID card to each examination and present this on entry to the examination venue.
  • Calculators
    Students are reminded that the approved calculator policy applies to both mid-semester and end of semester examinations.  Unless the type is unrestricted, the calculator must be either a Casio FX82 series calculator or have an 'approved label' which can be obtained from the Student Centre/s.  Please refer to myAdvisor site for further information.