Indigenous Business Hub

The Indigenous Business Hub is a unique collaboration between UQ academics and industry that strengthens the positive impact of Indigenous businesses in Australia.

We are passionate about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement. We know, understand, and live the benefits that successful Indigenous businesses bring to families, communities, and the wider economy. We:

  • Create a learning environment that provides pathways for empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, academic staff, industry and community to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Activate reconciliation and healing through meaningful Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural learning and Indigenous knowledge by staff and students.
  • Authentically and ethically engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and communities through our research, student engagement and industry partnerships.

Importantly, the Hub provides mentoring for non-Indigenous researchers and ensures that all research conducted with, by and around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and issues is done so in a culturally appropriate and respectful way.

We provide innovative and focused consulting services to meet organisational capability, business advisory, research, policy & evaluation, First Nations advisory and workforce solutions needs.


The Hub was initiated by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander academics and allies within the UQ Business School, with the shared goal of growing UQ’s Indigenous business research capabilities.

We celebrate the rich history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ engagement in business for millennia. Before colonisation, trade and industry within and between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples were commonplace, and economies were thriving. As testament to their resilience and entrepreneurial spirit, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses are now growing in all areas, despite the impacts of colonisation. We’re committed to nurturing this spirit by offering direct pathways and support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, ensuring they are included, valued and treated as equals in our business environment.

Academic staff from across disciplines work with Indigenous industries and communities to build core knowledge needed to advance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, including:

  • providing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PhD and postdoctoral students to engage in research that is core to their culture and community.
  • Australia’s first Indigenous academic business research journal, ‘Narra Yimba’, to enhance the recognition of Indigenous research outcomes.
  • Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games: research and monitoring of advancement of outcomes for Indigenous businesses.

Learning and student experience

We enhance the experience of Business School Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and staff by:

  • providing cultural competency training to staff, to enable a culturally safe working environment.
  • creating a culturally safe space for students.
  • embedding Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into the School’s curriculum.
  • developing Indigenous postgraduate business training.
  • collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to expand Indigenous student pathways to higher education.

Student pathways

We create and support student pathways to higher education by:

  • Developing an Indigenous scholarship program via a philanthropic campaign.
  • Creating graduate opportunities that link employment through a program engaging with Chambers of Commerce, government and the business sector.
  • Providing mentoring support for students with Indigenous business, professionals and alumni.
  • Participating in national and local pathways programs to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to undertake higher education in their chosen fields.
  • Celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture through various initiatives e.g. NAIDOC Week and National Reconciliation Week.

Consulting services

Our team of Indigenous academics and practitioners can assist your organisation with the following:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategies, plans, policies, and procedures
  • Reconciliation Action Plan development
  • Indigenous procurement and Supplier Participation Plan developmentCultural capability development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Economic Development strategies
  • Indigenous Governance
  • Business mentoring
  • Disability employment plans
  • Maximising the value of the Indigenous Estate
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Research and evaluation

Industry and community engagement

Through the UQ Business School Indigenous Engagement Program, we engage across all sectors of government, industry and community to collaborate on key Indigenous issues.

We foster deep relationships with key Indigenous communities, to broaden knowledge and understanding of issues relevant to culture and need.

Our worki with government and industry supports the growth and development of Indigenous Chambers of Commerce.

We engage with government to support connectivity and industry outcomes in key business-related areas relevant to Indigenous communities, including:

  • arts and culture
  • land and water management
  • native title
  • treaty
  • training and workforce development
  • tourism and hospitality
  • climate change.