The University of Queensland Business School Advisory Board assists the School to carry out its mission to provide distinctive learning experiences, deliver impactful research and create value with stakeholders that establish the School as a leader in the region and internationally.

UQ Business School aims to create an environment where the disciplines of research give students the skills to find the knowledge they need, where good ideas are tested and polished to become great ideas, where rigorous analysis is celebrated and collaboration is valued.

Goals of the Advisory board

Advisory Board members are leaders in business, government or the wider community who seek to facilitate the achievement of UQ Business School’s objectives by leveraging their professional networks, profile, reputation, experience and influence to:

  • Serve as a source of independent advice to the Dean and UQ Business School’s Senior Leadership Team with regard to strategy and external engagement;
  • Increase two-way engagement with business, government and the wider community;
  • Increase the relevance of curriculum;
  • Build links between UQ Business School and its stakeholders;
  • Raise the profile of, and build, UQ Business School brand and reputation; and
  • Engage with students and alumni.

Mode of Operation

The Advisory Board meets twice per year (face to face or dial in) and may break into ad hoc committees and working parties as required from time to time. These smaller committees play a more ‘hands-on’ role with strategy formulation.

Board members may be asked to participate in one or more of the following activities:

  • Direct engagement with UQ Business School’s student body (either in the classroom or in other fora);
  • Participating on curriculum review panels which provide advice on enhancing the business relevance of UQ Business School programs;
  • Serving on a task force or working party to examine a specific issue;
  • Recruitment of future students or executive education clients;
  • Developing and hosting events such as symposia, fora, conferences, alumni networking and professional development events; and
  • Participating in fundraising and sponsorship activities. 


There are up to eight external members of the Advisory Board plus the Dean, who serves as Chair, the Deputy Head of School and Director of Executive Education.  Advisory Board members are appointed by the Dean of UQ Business Schoolin consultation with the Executive Dean, Faculty Business, Economic and Law. Although Board members may be alumni, this is not a prerequisite for nomination. Members are appointed for three-year terms, which may be renewed. The Chair oversees the organisation and affairs of the Board and is responsible for keeping the Board informed on all relevant matters.

Current Advisory Board Members

Ms Susan Buckley
Managing Director, Global Liquid Strategies, Queensland Investment Corporation

  • Master of Business Administration (2010)
  • Bachelor of Economics (1985)
  • Alumni Ambassador Council Brisbane
  • Ambassador Emeritus
  • The Dean's Society (BEL) Annual Member

Mr Shane Chidgzey
Managing Director IPlan Consulting Pty Ltd

  • Bachelor of Business Management (2001)
  • The Dean's Society (BEL) Bronze Circle

Mr Simon Fenwick
Founding Partner; Securities Analyst International Value Advisers LLC

  • Bachelor of Economics (1992)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (1991)

Mr Richard Howes
Chief Executive, Distribution, Product & Marketing Challenger Ltd

  • Bachelor of Economics (1993)
  • Bachelor of Commerce Honnours (1992)
  • The Dean's Society (BEL) Bronze Circle

Dr Mark Hutchinson
Retired, President & CEO GE Group Europe

  • Executive in Residence at UQ Business School
  • Doctor of Business (2014)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (1986)
  • The Dean's Society (BEL) Diamond Circle

Dr Kerrie Mitchener-Nissen
Executive Director, Global Liquidity JP Morgan Asset Management

  • Doctor of Philosophy (2007)
  • Bachelor of Economics (1997)
  • Alumni Ambassador Council London

Mrs Diane Rutter
Partner, Customer Experience & Insights PwC Australia

  • Bachelor of Business Management (Hons) (2006)
  • Alumni Ambassador Council Sydney

Ms Raynuha Sinnathamby
Deputy Managing Director Springfield Land Corporation

  • Master of Business Administration (1999)
  • Bachelor of Laws (1995)
  • Bachelor of Arts (1992)

Miss Sophie Usasz
Vice President, Finance SIFMA

  • Bachelor of Commerce (2005)
  • Alumni Ambassador Council New York