Student Managed Investment Fund

The Student Managed Investment Fund is a Business School initiative designed to promote the development of asset management skills by allowing students to manage a live equity portfolio.

Established in 2017, the University of Queensland Student Managed Investment Fund (UQ SMIF) enables UQ Business School students to apply their academic knowledge and acquire practical skills by managing a portfolio of Australian equity securities using real money in real-time. Students gain exposure to the world of asset management by assuming the role of analysts and are responsible for construction, monitoring and management of the fund.

SMIF Case Challenge

Currently the SMIF portfolio is being managed by Team Hadrian, comprising six UQ students. These students were appointed portfolio managers after winning the inaugural SMIF Case Competition in September 2019 and they will manage the portfolio until April 2020. A similar competition will be held in Semester 1, 2020 with team registrations invited in February 2020. Find out how to register here.

If you are a UQ student and would like to be added to the SMIF Blackboard please email with a request to be added and provide your student number. Students enrolled on SMIF Blackboard will receive announcements by email regarding upcoming SMIF events.

The portfolio managers will prepare a monthly fund update and these updates will be posted on this page.

SMIF monthly fund updates

Download the Student Managed Investment Fund update:

SMIF academic staff

Dr Clive Gaunt
Senior Lecturer in Finance and SMIF Convenor

Dr Clive Gaunt is a Senior Lecturer at the UQ Business School where he conducts research with a focus on asset pricing and stock market anomalies. Clive has published his work in a range of peer reviewed journals including Accounting and Finance, Pacific Basin Finance Journal, Australian Journal of Management and JASSA. Clive has a passion for using data and evidence to inform investment decision making and brings this passion to managing several real world equity portfolios. His wealth of funds management experience provides students with valuable insight and learning opportunities.


Professor Karen Benson
Professor of Finance and Deputy President of UQ Academic Board

Professor Karen Benson is a Professor of Finance at UQ Business School. Karen's research focuses on Funds Management with particular reference to factors that drive performance and fund flows. Other topics of interest include socially responsible investment funds, social impact bonds and the use of derivatives by corporations and fund managers. Her research has been well received by both practitioners and academics having been published in internationally refereed journals including Journal of Banking and Finance, Pacific Basin Finance Journal, and Journal of Business Ethics.