In partnership with KPMG, The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School presents our Thought Leadership Series: Extracting value from data – how to ensure ROI success and mitigate loss on Wednesday 9 June 2021.

76 per cent of surveyed Australian businesses are currently planning to increase investment in data transformation projects, consuming significant resources and investment – but are organisations realising value from their data investments?  

We invite you to join Associate Professor Nicole Hartley from UQ Business School and Lisa Jenkinson from KPMG to discuss how to leverage data as a strategic asset to produce a measurable ROI.

They will share tangible takeaways from the new ‘digital playbook’ for actioning on data insights to create new value and fuel business growth.

  • Dr Hartley will examine the value created for organisations through data transformation projects, and the need for corporate digital responsibility as a core driver of ROI. 
  • Ms Jenkinson will highlight the practical ways organisations can approach their data platform and analytics projects to produce insights that can be actioned on and generate real ROI. 

Join our experts as they address the challenges organisations face, and the mindset required to better leverage data, analytics and insights to sustain a competitive edge. 

Registration options:

  • In-person at UQ Brisbane City, 293 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD from 5.30–7.30pm AEST
    • Complimentary light refreshments provided
  • Livestream from 6–7pm AEST 

About Thought Leadership Series

Join us for our dynamic Business School Thought Leadership Series, which presents alumni and industry friends with the latest business topics and issues impacting their careers.


In partnership with KPMG, The Thought Leadership Series showcases cutting-edge academic research paired with practical industry advice. The events also provide UQ alumni and industry guests with the opportunity to network over drinks and canapés. The Thought Leadership Series was developed in 2016 and has been delivered tri-annually in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne ever since, featuring topics including cybersecurity, marketing through virtual reality and resolving conflict in the workplace.

In response to industry and education challenges, UQ Business School, KPMG and our respected industry partners have collaborated to develop a Thought Leadership paper. 

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"The Thought Leadership Series topics bring awareness for how economy and ecology are linked, and my views and knowledge about our society's ecological limit are both challenged and informed by these sessions."

Reg Gulley, Executive Director, Zero Positive for Schools.

“The thing I love about the Thought Leadership Series is you get really digestible, applicable information. It’s not a lecture, it’s short, sweet and relevant.”

Chris Hurn, Director & Co-Founder, Effigy Consulting (UQ MBA Graduate, 2017)




UQ Brisbane City, 293 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000