Workshop runs from 9am - 5pm on both the 6th and 7th of March.

The course aims to develop the participants’ knowledge and skills in conducting qualitative research through exploring how various ideas on reflexivity can increase the quality and creativity of investigations.

In principle, there are two major routes to producing credible research texts. One is to follow rules and procedures indicating rationality. The other is to deal competently and innovatively with the interpretive, political, linguistic, theory-data fused nature of the research process. Awareness of the various elements influencing the research process and the research results is seen as crucial.

Reflexivity emphasizes these aspects and tries to develop ideas for how to avoid traps and pitfalls in the process and how to deal creatively with the various elements in the research process. The ambition is to produce more interesting and unexpected research results through re-thinking conventions and open up for more varied and challenging uses of research questions, fieldwork practices, modes of interpretations and styles of writing.

The course is intended for PhD students that have participated at introductory PhD courses in qualitative methodology and junior faculty members in management and other social sciences.

Professor Mats Alvesson

Mats Alvesson is Professor at the University of Lund, Sweden and Honorary professor at University of Queensland Business School.
He has worked within the following areas:

Management and organization of knowledge work and knowledge-intensive firms, organizational culture and identity, leadership, identity constructions in organizations, power in organizations, reflexive and qualitative methodology, critical management studies, gender and organization, organizational change processes, discourse analysis.

Mats has published a large number of books on a variety of topics, including Interpreting Interviews (Sage 2011), Qualitative Research and Theory Development (with Dan Kärreman, Sage 2011), Reflexive Methodology (with Kaj Skoldberg, Sage 2009), Doing Critical Management Research (with Stan Deetz, Sage 2000) Understanding Organizational Culture (Sage 2002), Understanding Gender and Organization (with Yvonne Billing, Sage 2009), Postmodernism and Social Research (Open University Press 2002), Studying Management Critically (co-edited with Hugh Willmott, Sage 2003). Knowledge Work and Knowledge-intensive Firms (Oxford University Press 2004).

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