Conveners: Mats Alvesson & Jorgen Sandberg

Aim and background
Developing novel ideas are among the most significant and difficult parts of research. This workshop discusses different frameworks for novel theorizing, particularly for the generation of new, original and impactful ideas.

Two main frameworks are discussed:

  • Metaphorizing the research process: it provides a comprehensive approach for opening up the prevalent tunnel vision of the research process. Specifically, we aim to make a case for the value of a systematic, self-critical and reflexive metaphorization of a number of key elements of the research process.
  • Framing theorizing, consisting of four core dimensions: 1) construction of research phenomena, 2) critical input ingredients in theorizing, 3) strategies for theorizing up new phenomena, and 4) the theorizing spiral, consisting of five interrelated stages through which novel theorizing takes place.

We discuss and illustrate how these two frameworks enable researchers to generate ideas by (a) stimulating provocations and insights, and (b) encouraging the reader to think differently and more actively about several issues that normally are taken for granted or normalized in research.

Program and attendees
This workshop is designed for all academics and PhD-candidates who are interested in advancing their understanding and skill in the art of theorizing and how to generating novel ideas with impact. The workshop consists of mixture of plenary talks and round table discussions on the process of novel theorizing and its many facets.

Attendees are expected to have read two papers (which will be supplied when registered) beforehand, and to have thought through what research ideas they are working with (if any) and how these have been developed as well as if these are interesting and promising enough.

Morning tea and lunch will be provided.

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