Publishing in high-profile, high-impact, academic journals has become increasingly challenging. Despite the conventions about what constitutes a strong theoretical contribution, it inevitably takes a long time for many academics to excel at publishing academic research.

Supporting the development of doctoral students and junior faculty, the Journal of Management Studies will host this workshop to help researchers improve their understanding of the expectations of editorial teams at top journals. The event will be led by Professor Gerardo Patriotta, General Editor of JMS.

Participation in the workshop is complimentary, and everybody is welcome to attend.

After the workshop General Editor, Professor Patriotta, will be available for one-to-one meetings between 2–5pm. To arrange a meeting please contact Jorgen Sandberg for a time and location.

This workshop is sponsored by the Journal of Management Studies and The University of Queensland Business School.

About Academic Seminars

Our academic seminars are a forum for our academic staff to collaborate, share and discuss relevant research and trends with their peers and broader academic community.


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