UQ Cases – An App for immersive and interactive case-based teaching

Case-based teaching is now popular in many schools across UQ and in the business school most people are familiar with Harvard and Ivey cases. What if you could build your own teaching cases and turn them into interactive games? A team of system modellers and researchers from the UQ Business School and the UQ School of Public Health are working closely with an App developer (BTN) to do just that. It’s called UQ Cases and is specifically designed to support case-based teaching and blended learning at UQ.

The app will enable students to select from multiple teaching cases that introduce them to particular topics or problems. Currently, nine cases are being developed, encompassing waste management, energy, tourism, health, supply chain management, natural resource management and business management. Each case is being developed to contain three core components: (1) a story that introduces students to a problem using text, graphics and animation; (2) a simulation that allows students to run experiments and test scenarios that try to overcome the problem, and (3) a quiz to reinforce what the students have learnt from the story and the simulation. The app supports both single and multiplayer simulations. The app will be available for Apple and Android devices (phones and tablets) as well as PCs and Mac computers.

This seminar will provide an overview of the UQ Cases project. 


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