In partnership with KPMG, The University of Queensland (UQ) Business School exclusively invites you to attend our online Thought Leadership Series: Navigating the trust challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) via webinar on Thursday 25 March 2021 from 5-6pm.

UQ and industry panellists will discuss how organisations can navigate the ethical challenges associated with AI, based on insights from a new UQ global study. Speakers include:

  • Professor Nicole Gillespie and Dr Caitlin Curtis from UQ Business School
  • Alison Kitchen, KPMG Australia National Chairman
  • James Mabbott, Partner, KPMG Futures
  • Ed Santow, Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner
  • Professor Genevieve Bell, Director of the 3A Institute (Australian National University)

From enhanced healthcare to ridesharing  apps – investment and adoption of AI is increasing exponentially, with many potential benefits to both businesses and society.

However, with increased uptake has come greater awareness of the risks and trust challenges associated with AI systems. Recent high profile cases have revealed that if AI is not managed correctly it can produce biased, discriminatory and manipulative outcomes that undermine human rights. These concerns are fuelling a lack of trust in AI applications, and in some cases, causing reputational damage to the organisations deploying them.

Join us to learn cutting-edge, practical insights for the trustworthy use of AI by organisations. We look forward to seeing you online.

About Thought Leadership Series

Join us for our dynamic Business School Thought Leadership Series, which presents alumni and industry friends with the latest business topics and issues impacting their careers.


In partnership with KPMG, The Thought Leadership Series showcases cutting-edge academic research paired with practical industry advice. The events also provide UQ alumni and industry guests with the opportunity to network over drinks and canapés. The Thought Leadership Series was developed in 2016 and has been delivered tri-annually in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne ever since, featuring topics including cybersecurity, marketing through virtual reality and resolving conflict in the workplace.

In response to industry and education challenges, UQ Business School, KPMG and our respected industry partners have collaborated to develop a Thought Leadership paper. 

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"The Thought Leadership Series topics bring awareness for how economy and ecology are linked, and my views and knowledge about our society's ecological limit are both challenged and informed by these sessions."

Reg Gulley, Executive Director, Zero Positive for Schools.

“The thing I love about the Thought Leadership Series is you get really digestible, applicable information. It’s not a lecture, it’s short, sweet and relevant.”

Chris Hurn, Director & Co-Founder, Effigy Consulting (UQ MBA Graduate, 2017)