Industry opportunities with MBA students

We welcome opportunities to engage with all potential employers of our graduates to discuss the benefits to your organisation. 

Be it internships, our highly regarded Capstone Consultancy Projects, or employment opportunities, we can assist you to access some of the best MBA qualified talent globally.

The UQ MBA Program will cover 30 days of insured work-term for MBA students to come and work in your organisation. This is also an excellent way to directly meet and work with potential future employee’s in your business.

Advantages of Internships to Employers:

  • Access to new and external knowledge/ideas from students.
  • Potential Recruitment cost savings if a job offer extended.
  • Solve particular problems/projects utilising additional student resources where you don’t have sufficient internal resources at a low cost.

Our MBA students have at least seven years work experience and three years management experience. The MBA qualification gives them a diverse and empowering skill set to be tomorrow’s business leaders.

We offer a number of different programs allowing your Organisation to partner with our UQ MBA cohort:

Assistance with identifying suitable MBA talent for Recruitment programs

Should your Organisation be interested in regularly networking with our UQ students with a view to discussing future potential Employment opportunities, we encourage you to brief the UQ MBA Careers and Professional Development team about your specific background and skill set criteria you seek. We will identify relevant and interested candidates on your behalf and connect you to these students and graduates on a regular basis. Please contact us on

Specific job posting on the UQ MBA LinkedIn Group

All our current UQ MBA students and Alumni have access to join our UQ MBA LinkedIn Group. We offer all potential employers of UQ MBA graduates the ability to post job advertisements to the group and to market these roles directly to relevant students.

Capstone Projects

Part of the required coursework for our UQ MBA qualification requires students to work on a specific, consultancy style project on behalf of an organisation. Such projects are often value added ideas like cost saving or market expansion initiatives that businesses have simply not had the internal resources to dedicate to such programs. For a small, marginal cost organisations can access a team of UQ MBA students to investigate and make sound recommendations on these projects.


Professional Development

Building on the globally recognised quality of the UQ MBA, our executive education programs offer shorter executive courses to upskill yourself in the fast paced world we now live in. Delivered predominantly by our academic staff, we encourage you to regularly peruse the courses on offer. Our interactive learning model uses a combination of cutting-edge research, case studies, presentations, team work, simulations, guest speakers and experiential learning to give you a fresh perspective on contemporary management and leadership issues.