UQ MBA Class of 2021

A message from our MBA Director

I am proud to introduce you to our diverse group of innovative and forward-thinking 2021 MBA graduates. Not only equipped to create a positive impact, our graduates are prepared to lead through challenging times.

The UQ MBA is globally recognised as #1 for student quality. By completing this highly-ranked program, these inspiring professionals have been shaped into resilient leaders of tomorrow. Ready to tackle unforeseen obstacles in their stride with critical thinking skills, creativity and leadership agility.

We take pride in partnering with industry in multiple ways and facilitating your talent search is just one example. I would like to recommend each person to you and hope that you will find many opportunities to engage and work together. If you would like to contact anyone within the class of 2021 or discuss how we can facilitate your talent search, please contact us at mbacareers@business.uq.edu.au.

Dr Nicole Hartley
UQ MBA Director

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Dr Nicole Hartley, UQ MBA Director

Outstanding student quality

What puts the UQ MBA learning experience in a league of its own is the diversity of our cohort. Coming from a range of different industries, what our graduates share is a passion for creating positive change and making a great impact. This is nurtured and harnessed throughout our program to create courageous leaders for tomorrow.

Through engaging classroom debates, our graduates develop an appetite for disruptive thinking and challenging accepted norms. Supported by our passionate academics and armed with leading research and industry insights, these graduates are prepared for technologies that have not been invented and to solve problems that do not yet exist.

Our program has a strong focus on self-reflection and personal transformation, which equips our graduates with heightened self-awareness and the leadership capabilities to lead in an uncertain global environment.

By working with our industry partners on real business challenges, they have developed essential problem-solving, communication, creative thinking and collaboration skills.

Our UQ MBA graduates possess exceptional business leadership skills, entrepreneurial mindset and the personal capabilities that make us confident each will make a positive contribution to your organisation.

MBA 2021 Graduates Infographic

UQ MBA Class of 2021

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MBA Student - Vedran Azman

Vedran Azman

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/vedranažman

Languages: German, Bosnian, English, Croatian, Serbian 

Education: BEng, GradCertTechMgt

Career summary: 15 years’ domestic and international Telecom experience. Deep understanding of the Telecom ecosystem, 5G and IoT and managing network planning, capacity management and performance analytics. Passionate about innovation and new technologies for a better-connected world. Seeking to utilise leadership, strong problem solving and analytical skills.

MBA Student - Andrew Bate

Andrew Bate 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/andrew-bate-82362044

Languages: English 

Education: MBA

Career summary: 10 years’ experience leading and managing operations, and performance across a diverse mix of industries with demonstrated leadership facilitating the timely completion of projects of $2.5m+. Driven by innovation and technology to find solutions to complex business problems. Seeking to use leadership, analysis and research in strategy and consulting.

MBA Student - David Bocanegra

David Bocanegra 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/davidsbocanegra

Languages: English, Spanish

Education: BEng

Career summary: Business developer with over 10 years’ of international experience in the manufacturing industry. Proficient at translating stakeholder needs into business opportunities, strategy and action. Combines a passion for business and technology with the enjoyment of supporting others. Seeking to support Australian manufacturers and help them succeed.

MBA Student - Jan Bodnaruk

Jan Bodnaruk 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jan-bodnaruk-5539362/

Languages: English, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, French

Education: BEng (Civil/ Structural)(Hons), RPEQ, CPEng

Career summary: Jan is a solutions driven optimist. Jan discovered his calling with LEGO in his childhood and has been a passionate advocate of civil engineering & construction over the last 16 years. He genuinely loves what he does. Jan is inspired by leading and mentoring teams to create a 'Dream Team' for every construction project. Jan is driven by clear and uniting leadership and promoting efficiencies to deliver not just projects, but people's dreams, successfully. 

MBA Student - Kenan Boz

Kenan Boz 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kenan-boz-a54ab04

Languages: English

Education: BIT, Bachelor of Forest Engineering 

Career summary: Experienced Portfolio, Program and Project Manager with a track record of delivering high visibility enterprise-wide initiatives in complex organisations. Enjoys the challenges of shaping programs and projects, creating clarity for direction, and motivating teams to work in a united delivery approach. 

MBA Student - Dylan Bull

Dylan Bull  

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dylanbull

Languages: English

Education: B. Urban Development (CM) 

Career summary: More than 10 years’ of experience in Property and Property Development, delivering exceptional places and contributing to the creation of communities. Strong stakeholder management and collaboration to add value across more than $4B worth of property assets. Driven to contribute to the wider community and build strong teams and memorable experiences.

MBA Student - Chetan Chodankar

Chetan Chodankar

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/chodankar

Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi 

Education: PhD (Mech. & Mining Eng), BEng (Chemical Eng)

Career summary: Management consultant with an engineering background and experience with leading business improvement engagements. Empowering organisations by utilising a data-driven decision-making framework to improve business outcomes. Passionate about building sustainable practices and processes by leveraging technological advancements and innovation.

MBA Student - Julia Chun

Julia Chun 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/julia-chun-86a1b740

Languages: English

Education: BBS

Career summary: Over 15 years’ global financial and operational experience. Delivering IT projects of $20m+ and leading offshore operations.  Passionate about reducing carbon emissions, renewable energy technologies and electric vehicles. Looking to create impact by building great teams, harnessing energy, strong leadership, and networking capabilities.

MBA Student - Brendan Coady

Brendan Coady 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/brendan-coady-04748640

Languages: English

Education: BSc(Hons), GDipBA

Career summary: 12 years’ global experience in the Oil and Gas industry; sales, operations, and service delivery. Transitioned to the Water industry to utilise my strong customer advocacy and stakeholder management skills. Passionate about delivering customer value through effective communication, leadership, and strategy, while building authentic relationships.

MBA Student - Kellie Davis

Kellie Davis

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kellie-alyce-davis

Languages: English

Career summary: 13 years' experience across Defence and Defence Industry, operating within the Aerospace/Aviation sector in ISR and Air Battle Management. Formidable project and stakeholder management across commercial Defence and Government projects in professional services. Seeking to continue to utilise passion for Defence and Veterans.

MBA Student - Leandro De Sousa

Leandro De Sousa

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/leo-de-sousa-1a375394

Languages: English, Portuguese

Career summary: ANZ Senior Manager working in product supply; construction, utility and oil and gas markets for the hire and rental industry. The MBA improved their skills and experience in operations management, business strategy, product management and procurement. Currently working as a Solutions Manager for Nexxis Technology.

MBA Student - Patricia Delamont

Patricia Delamont

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/tricia-delamont-33195a207

Languages: English

Education: BBusAccg, BEdProfHons (AL)

Career summary: More than 25 years’ in accounting roles, across diverse industries, and 6 years’ in Vocational Education. Genuine interest in supporting small business owners and managers and changing lives through education. Seeking to further their interest in both areas through research and private practice.

MBA Student - Laura Dietrich

Laura Dietrich 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/lauradietrich

Languages: English

Education: AssocDipBus (Real Estate Valuation)

Career summary: 30 years experience in the public and private sectors specialising in COVID-19 grant management and delivery; prestige valuations and project consultation. Strong stakeholder management delivering high volume COVID-19 grant schemes by meeting and exceeding expected KPI's. Looking to utilise project management and stakeholder engagement skills

MBA Student - Brendan Coady

Nathaniel Dunnett

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/nathaniel-dunnett

Languages: English

Education: BEng(Elec), DipProfPrac(Eng)

Career summary: 15 years’ in the electricity industry; leading infrastructure investments, strategic asset management, program management and engineering. Customer focus with ability to deliver $220m+ investment plans, managing risk, performance, and compliance. Passionate about leadership, business strategy, and innovation to shape the future of organisations.

MBA Student - Regan Forsyth

Regan Forsyth   

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/reganforsyth

Languages: English

Education: BEng (Mech)

Career summary: Accomplished resource sector executive with over 25 years’ domestic and international experience; working in the project delivery, consulting, and asset management fields.

MBA Student - Rodrigo Galizia Hamilton Ferreira

Rodrigo Galizia Hamilton Ferreira

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rodrigogferreira

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian

Education: BBusAdm & Ecn

Career summary: A seasoned business professional with 12+ years’ of business development and investment experience in the business, financial and human resources sectors. Recognised for demonstrating a natural aptitude for interacting with people across a wide range of positions and cultures to facilitate business growth.

MBA Student - James Gentle

James Gentle  

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/james-gentle-3027b435

Languages: English

Education: ANZIIF (Aff) CIL, BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management.

Career summary: 18 years’ experience in the banking and finance sector, including 8 years of risk and compliance experience, elevating risk maturity. Led a retail and contact centre team to deliver 18.5% loan growth. Played key role in the banking, sales and marketing executive committees requiring strategic planning, partnering, organisation and change management.

MBA Student - Salman Ghazanfar

Salman Ghazanfar 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/salmanghazanfar

Languages: English, Urdu, Punjabi, Siraiki, Hindi

Education: BEng

Career summary: 15 years’ international experience in the telecom sector; improving user experience by leveraging customer data and launching new products. Passionate about innovation and use of technology to solve customer problems and creating value for business. Seeking to utilise analytical, entrepreneurial and management skills to transition into Fintech.

MBA Student - Craig Gibbons

Craig Gibbons 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/craig-gibbons-924ba7a3

Languages: English

Education: BEng(Hons), BSc

Career summary: 15 years' experience across Defence, as a former serving Air Force Engineering Officer, and as a consultant. Proven experience in leading/managing multi-discipline teams, operations management, and systems engineering. Driven by working in teams that have a purpose who want to bring positive change to a business.

MBA Student - Eloise Gilbert

Eloise Gilbert

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/gilberteloise

Languages: English

Education: BSci

Career summary: 8 years’ experience in the student accommodation industry, focusing on; operations, human resources and strategic management.  Successful delivery and maintenance of multiple $5m+ contracts. Inspired by learning, creativity, and growth.  Passionate about analytical thinking, innovation, complex problem-solving, initiative, leadership, and influence.

MBA Student - Joel Grimes

Joel Grimes  

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/joel-grimes-65359ba2

Languages: English

Education: LLB

Career summary: A senior commercial, contracts and procurement professional with broad experience in Energy, Resources, Defence and Government. Experienced leading high-value strategy, transformation, sourcing, and negotiation projects leveraging a legal background, commercial acumen and cross-business influence, engagement and collaboration skills.

MBA Student - Rowan Hall

Rowan Hall

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rowan-hall-411b6172

Languages: English

Career summary: Management, business development and leadership professional with close to 15 years’ experience building and leading high-performing teams for all key aspects of new business development, lead generation and client engagement to deliver outstanding results.

MBA Student - Tsz Man Ho

Tsz Man Ho 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/minnie-tsz-ho-489373117

Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Education: MAppFin

Career summary: A CPA, with more than 10 years’ experience working in public practice with a specialisation in taxation. Works on a variety of clients within different industries. Enjoys creating trusted relationships with clients to assist them in proactively achieving their goals.

MBA Student - Lachlan Johnston

Lachlan Johnston

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/lachlan-johnston

Languages: English

Education: BexSS
BENS (Hons I)

Career summary: Unique and diverse experiences in elite sport across leadership, management, coaching and science roles. Influence on Olympic success provides an excellent understanding of the conditions required for elite performance. Excited to apply this knowledge in sport and across sectors to create a competitive edge and drive world-class outcomes.

MBA Student - Claire Johnston

Claire Johnston

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/claire-e-johnston

Languages: English

Education: GradCertMgt, BNurs

Career summary: 11 years’ in the army, 15+ years in healthcare and commercial sectors.  Strong leadership and stakeholder engagement capabilities, responsible for multimillion-dollar OPEX.  Driven by clear and uniting leadership across multiple specialities, stakeholder groups, external partners, and sectors to achieve excellence, innovation, and transformation.

MBA Student - Jason Kirchner

Jason Kirchner

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jasonkirchner

Languages: English

Education: BInfTech

Career summary: 20 years’ Payments Technology professional with a proven track record in product design and development used by millions of users for the world's largest payment companies.  Passionate about developing high performing teams to tackle the world's payments needs.

MBA Student - Thiago Leal

Thiago Leal

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/tpleal

Languages: English, Portuguese

Education: B.Sc Engg(Mech), BIndEng

Career summary: 16 years’ experience in the automotive and infrastructure industries, amplifying value creation for organisations and customers. Accountable for $200m+ per annum revenue and delivering projects of $60m+. Passionate about shaping the future and seeking to utilise critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills in strategy and delivery.

MBA Student - Matthew Leon

Matthew Leon 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/matthew-leon-13ba625

Languages: English

Education: BSc (Hons)

Career summary: 10 years' experience in the construction materials industry in Operations, Production, and Environmental Management. Driven improvement in safety, production efficiency, and sustainability. Inspired by opportunities to build a better future through sustainable industries.

MBA Student - Aaron Lewis

Aaron Lewis

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/lewis-aaron

Languages: English

Education: BEng

Career summary: 15 years’ global experience in the Automotive industry providing product lifecycle management services. Strong background in project management and operations resulting in the successful delivery of engineering projects. Seeking to utilise strong engineering and leadership skills to drive innovative and sustainable solutions across organisations.

MBA Student - Peter Loxton

Peter Loxton 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/peter-loxton-274a50212

Languages: English, Japanese

Education: Chartered Accountant, BCom, BA (Japanese)

Career summary: COO for the Asia Pacific at ASM Global, the world's largest venue management company. Major event specialist, Japanese speaker, living and working at the past three World Expos. Owner of two successful small businesses, and one failed one, and recipient of City of Sydney Small Business Award.

MBA Student - Athena Manley

Athena Manley

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/athena-manley-69517714

Languages: English

Education: BComm, DipMgt

Career summary: An adaptable and energetic executive with 20 years’ of experience in the Financial Services industry and strengths in leading complex businesses on the journey of growth and innovation. Has successfully led a range of national and international functions in ASX top 10, Fortune 500 and NFP organisations.

MBA Student - James Manning

James Manning 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jamman

Languages: English, Afrikaans

Education: M.Eng. (Electrical Engineering), B.Eng.(Hons) (Electrical Engineering), B.Eng. (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)

Career summary: Business unit leader with over 18 years’ of experience managing multidisciplinary teams delivering complex projects in; Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Mining, Oil and Gas, and Water throughout Australia and internationally.
Experienced building teams and organisations that are passionate about making a positive contribution to the environment and society.

MBA Student - Brandon Marucci

Brandon Marucci

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/brandon-marucci

Languages: English

Education: BPsy

Career summary: 11 years’ Electronic Warfare and Air Combat subject matter expert with a proven track record in; operations, management, leadership, training, security, and business development. Driven by culture, team accomplishment, and innovation. Seeking challenging problems to solve and breakthrough strategies to support defence and other industries.

MBA Student - Amy McKenzie

Amy Mckenzie

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/amy-mckenzie-89bb4411b

Languages: English

Education: BEcon, BComm, CA

Career summary: Shortlisted for Valedictorian. 14 years' experience in finance, accounting and assurance in professional services, federal govt and mining. Delivering high-value financial advice, designed new corporate entity, managed a budget of $240m, savings of $10m. Driven by high performance and complex problems. Seeking promotion to an executive role, open to offers.

MBA Student - Adam Merlehan

Adam Merlehan 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/adam-merlehan-0147451b

Languages: English

Education: LLB (Hons), BCom, GradDipLP

Career summary: 14 years’ experience in top tier legal practice, including at partner level. Deep experience supporting the delivery of many multi-billion-dollar infrastructure projects, strategic advice to executive and boards, and crisis management. Driven by the use of multidisciplinary expertise to produce superior results and simplify complexity.

MBA Student - Sheila Moore

Sheila Moore

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/sheila-moore-5a6981225

Languages: English, Tagalog, Waray, Bisaya

Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Career summary: More than 10 years’ management experience in ICT across; telecommunications, electronics, retail, logistics and government Sector. A proven track record of motivating a culturally diversified team to consistently exceed targets, while developing excellent relationships with multiple clients. A natural passion for business, intuitive, with high EQ.

MBA Student - Labanya Mukherjee

Labanya Mukherjee

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/labanya-mukherjee-84a9046

Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali

Education: BSc.Economics, MA Economics

Career summary: Consummate business development professional with 14 years’ proven track record in building businesses, driving revenues, and managing corporate partnerships across Financial Services and IT consulting industry in multiple geographies. Passionate about strategic business growth, economic policies, and international trade relations.

MBA Student - Melanie Newman

Melanie Newman

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/melanienewman

Languages: English

Education: BBUS International Business

Career summary: Background in business management, business development and project management. Currently working in the Automotive industry, renewable transport. Strong negotiation skills, key account management, and business development. Working simultaneously on 15+ large-scale projects. Driven to make an impact, passionate about sustainable business.

MBA Student - Bahdor Nezhad

Bahdor Nezhad

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/bahdor-nezhad-pmp-cpeng-7553281a

Languages: English

Education: Msc. Mechanical engineering

Career summary: 20 years’ experience in resource and mining industries with complex problem-solving skills in managing challenging programs and projects. Results-driven program leader by empowering teams, focusing on value creation in the mining sector by adopting advanced technologies and innovation.

MBA Student - Bayerinaa Nmanii

Bayerinaa Nmanii 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/bayerinaa-nmanii-uq-mba-3219b324

Languages: English, Ghanaian languages

Education: BSc (Hons)

Career summary: Chartered Mining Engineer with 15 years’ proven experience in corporate, operational, and technical roles in the Mining industry. Strong leader who is driven by innovation and new technologies to build momentum in achieving organisational objectives.

MBA Student - Michael Page

Michael Page

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/page-michael

Languages: English

Education: BEd, BSc

Career summary: Over 10 years’ experience in management and leadership in the Education sector. Strong stakeholder management with a proven history of sustainable business growth and effective change management. Driven by creativity and emerging technologies to support high performing teams.

MBA Student - Adam Pantlin

Adam Pantlin

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/adampantlin

Languages: English

Education: BEng (Civil)

Career summary: 11 years’ project management experience in the construction industry with a focus on strategic planning and optimisation.  Excited to be developing teams and utilising new technologies in a world of opportunity. Strong leadership capability and attention to detail looking to utilise these to develop strategies within organisations. 

MBA Student - Adam Pirlo

Adam Pirlo  

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/adampirlo

Languages: English

Education: BEng, BSc

Career summary: 15 years’ experience across the defence and resources industries in engineering, commercial, and project management roles. Solid track record of delivering excellent business and customer outcomes. Driven by delivering on commitments and leading teams to higher performance. Seeking a business leadership position.

MBA Student - Christopher Pye

Christopher Pye

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mrchrispye

Languages: English

Education: BEng, BASc

Career summary: 15 years’ experience in Engineering Services Sector, with expertise in isolated power systems and microgrids. Strong technical and commercial skills, with demonstrated ability to develop new markets and revenue streams. Passionate about renewables and other innovative technologies. Seeking transformative and strategic roles.

MBA Student - Michelle Pyers

Michelle Pyers

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/michellepyers

Languages: English

Education: BComm, GradDipCA

Career summary: Over 10 years’ experience in Finance and Accounting across various industries, focused on mining services. A proven track record in building and improving processes and systems to increase productivity and governance. Passionate about ensuring the finance function not only drives compliance but provides insights that create value.

MBA Student - Ramon Ruiz Sierra

Ramon Ruiz Sierra

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ramon-ruiz-sierra-5a71b54

Languages: English, Spanish, French

Education: BEnvSc,

Career summary: 15 years’ of international experience in environments with a focus on the CSG industry. Democratic leader with strong work ethic and one team approach. Possess the ability to effectively build relationships and influence with all levels of organisations and external stakeholders. Challenges and tight deadlines drive the best performance.

MBA Student - Frances Scodellaro

Frances Scodellaro 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/frances-scodellaro-1b932943

Languages: English

Education: BSpThy, AdvDipCommSectMgt

Career summary: 30 years’ experience in the disability NFP sector. Leadership in service development has driven strong organisational growth. Committed to evidence-based, co-designed services that enhance the lives of people with disabilities. Seeking to channel passion for inclusion through innovative service development and influencing community perception.

MBA Student - Zeina Shahin

Zeina Shahin

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/zeina-shahin

Languages: English, Arabic

Education: B.Sc. in Accounting

Career summary: Experienced accountant, with an interest in emerging technologies transforming professions. Excited to be a part of a company’s innovation and growth strategy. The MBA has enabled me to gain valuable consulting skills, together with a passion for technology; leading to a career transition to Technology Transformation with a global consultancy firm.

MBA Student - Simon Shearer

Simon Shearer

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/simonshearer

Languages: English

Education: MPM

Career summary: 20+ years of experience in the digital & innovation space covering both private and government sectors. A leader delivering successful digital projects including AI / ML, big data, web and mobile apps. Passionate about innovation and new technologies seeking to support businesses to cut through the complex and provide fit-for-purpose solutions.

MBA Student - Christopher Sheeran

Chris Sheeran

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-sheeran-92679144

Languages: English

Education: M.E (Fire Safety Eng), M.Tech (Mechatronics Eng), B.E (Mechanical Eng)

Career summary: Chris has been working in Queensland as a Fire Safety Engineer since 2005 and has developed strong relationships with many talented industry practitioners. The local knowledge and experience provides a clear advantage for Queensland projects.
Chris brings a practical common-sense approach to all his projects to enable the best outcome for clients.

MBA Student - Natalie Stonham

Natalie Stonham

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/natalie-stonham

Languages: English

Education: BLaw, BA

Career summary: Over 10 years’ experience in people leadership and operations management in the Legal and Banking sectors. Expertise in; building capability (people and process) during high growth, business improvement and transformation, and motivational leadership. Driven by innovation and the constant search to solve new and existing problems.

MBA Student - Justin Stratford

Justin Stratford

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/justin-stratford-41a125113

Languages: English

Education: BEng (Civil)

Career summary: 20 years’ experience in the Australian and British Civil Engineering and Construction Sector. Senior management positions delivering projects up to $250M. Passionate in the development and implementation of strategic client focused solutions.

MBA Student - Luciano Suetugo

Luciano Suetugo

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/luciano-suetugo-465930

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Education: Bachelor, Graduate diploma

Career summary: 18 years’ solid experience in sales and marketing, with a proven track record in business development, product strategy, customer support, rental and remarketing and product training. Extensive technical knowledge of construction equipment. Passionate about empowering people through competence development and product knowledge.

MBA Student - Xiaojian Tang

Xiaojian Tang

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/bridget-tang-08360a30

Languages: English

Education: MEng

Career summary: 15 years’ of project controls experiences in the Australian Construction industry, working on national and international recognised projects with value from $70m to $500m. Strong result driven and progress focus, successfully managed delivering project on time and within budget. Seeking to use innovation skills for strategy and consulting.

MBA Student - Blake Tomlins

Blake Tomlins

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/blake-tomlins-a7a60667

Languages: English

Education: B.Comm, BBusMan, GDipAppFin

Career summary: 8 years’ experience in the Resources sector in financial and continuous improvement roles, and 17 years as a company director. Strong stakeholder management and cost control, recovering $1M+ in savings and streamlining processes. Driven by continuous improvement and ROI. Seeking to specialise in strategy and consulting.

MBA Student - Daniel Wang

Daniel Wang

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/daniel-shaoyu-wang

Languages: English, Mandarin

Education: BMus, PostGradDip Edu

Career summary: 10 years’ experience in Education, Performing Arts and 4 years in business and marketing. Strong marketing ability increasing website traffic by more than 50% through digital and printed assets. Career aspiration is to combine my performing arts, education and business and transition into a marketing role.

MBA Student - Martine Watson

Martine Watson

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/martine-watson-fiml

Languages: English

Education: GradDip BA

Career summary: An accomplished senior manager and strong transformational leader with proven success leading large, diverse technical teams in change, operating model innovation and growth. A proven track record of delivering performance outcomes in critical roles, embedding operational excellence with a CX focus, leading innovation, and executing strategy.

MBA Student - Patrick Whittle

Patrick Whittle

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-whittle

Languages: English

Education:  Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical

Career summary: Patrick has recently taken on a new role as Principal Engineer & Project Manager with Pitch Black Group, a growing engineering, project and construction management firm. Patrick's background is as a mechanical engineer with ten years of experience delivering major resources projects. He has a broad understanding of the project lifecycle having worked in design, procurement, construction and project controls. Patrick is a chartered professional engineer and registered professional engineer of Qld. 

MBA Student - Ingrid Zambrano

Ingrid Zambrano

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ingrid-zambrano-82854166

Languages: English, Spanish

Education: BSCE

Career summary: Extensive experience working with clients to solve complex problems by implementing business solutions through applying technology. Quickly applies new knowledge to deliver projects with strong performance and organisational impact. Seeking to utilise strong problem-solving skills, passion for technology and business acumen in strategy and consulting.








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