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  • Customer rage is on the increase, fuelled in part by the prevalence of social media. And if organisations don’t want to be on the receiving end, they’d better start working with their customers.
  • Recent research emerging from the UQ Business School shows that companies large and small are finding innovative and unique responses to the challenges and broader issues of sustainability and climate change.
  • The reality of tougher trading conditions and the high Australian dollar means that SMEs will need smart and well-targeted strategies to make a dent in overseas markets. How can a small business determine a successful export strategy?
  • Successful business leaders need two things: a business to drive, and followers – colleagues, employees and customers – who believe in them enough to accept direction, and to join them on their journey.
  • Only three per cent of CEOs of top Australian companies are women, making it one of the lowest rates in the Western world.
  • A universal financial reporting format makes sense to regulators. But so far, when it comes to volunteer take up, it’s largely had a thumbs down from business. UQ Business School’s Peter Green, Alastair Robb and Fiona Rohde ask why.
  • This month the Green Buildings Council of Australia launches the pilot Green Stars – Communities initiative, an independent, national scheme that aims to certify the sustainability of community level projects. Associate Professor Clive Warren at UQ Business School, an expert in green building rating in the commercial office space, asks: who needs a green star rating and how do we know what it’s worth?
  • Salaries for corporate bosses have skyrocketed. The question is, are shareholders getting value for their outlay?
  • The great race to get in on the growth in Asia is on and, according to Dr Yunxia Zhu, Senior Lecturer in Strategy at UQ Business School, like Black Caviar at Royal Ascot or an 800 metre swim at the London Olympics, the winners will be determined by a nose, by the 0.02 seconds lead they wrestle from the challengers.