Researcher biography

Rebekah completed her PhD in 2017 and investigated the complex interplay between the users, effective use, and impacts of organizational-wide information systems. In 2017, Rebekah also served as a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Queensland and extended her theoretical and methodological expertise to the healthcare context. She continued to deepen her expertise in the health domain as a senior lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology between 2018-2022 and integrated this knowledge into authentic teaching cases in enterprise systems management subjects. In 2023, Rebekah became a senior research fellow at the within the UQ Business School as part of the Health Research Accelerator Initiative.

Rebekah's research centres on the digital transformation of healthcare, including the impacts of the transformation, how effectively health information systems and their data are used, and areas critical to the success of the transformation such as governance and culture. To provide insights into this phenomenon, Rebekah adopts a mixed methods approach involving qualitative case studies, interviews, and focus groups, and quantitative survey-based techniques. Rebekah has published her work in a variety of forums, including MIS Quarterly Executive, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Medical Journal of Australia, Communications of the AIS, Australian Health Review, and the International Conference of Information Systems. She serves on the editorial of the Communications of the AIS and has been a guest editor at several journals and conferences.