Researcher biography

Kathleen Herbohn is a Professor in financial accounting. She has a PhD from the University of Adelaide concerned with full cost environmental accounting by organisations managing multiple purpose natural resources. Kathleen's research is concerned with corporate social responsibility for issues such as climate change and tax transparency with a focus on how public data can be used in debt and equity markets to inform stakeholders about organisational performance. Her other research interests include the role of financial accounting in informing capital markets in areas of ambiguity (e.g. impairment, business and operating risk, biological assets) and the accounting profession.

Kathleen's publications have appeared in various journal including Accounting, Organizations and Society, The Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, The Journal of Business Ethics, Accounting and Finance Journal, The British Accounting Review, Accounting Research Journal and The Australian Accounting Review. She is also a co-author on the twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth editions of the Issues in Financial Accounting textbook and an editor of a book published by Edward Elgar (Cheltenham, UK) on Sustainable Small-Scale Forestry: Socio-Economic Analysis.

Kathleen is currently a member of the Academic Advisory Panel of the Australian Accounting Standards Board and an Associate Editor of the Australian Accounting Review.