Alexandria is a PhD candidate and casual academic in marketing at The University of Queensland Business School. She holds a Class I Honours Degree in Business Management and has tutored subjects in brand management, consumer behaviour, applied marketing research, and marketing analysis. Her current doctoral research focuses on consumer perceptions of waste and its effects on purchase decisions.

Researcher biography

Alexandria is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Marketing at the Service Innovation Alliance, The University of Queensland Business School. Alexandria previously completed her PhD in marketing, utilising qualitative and quantitative methods to understand consumer perceptions of brand wastefulness and its effects on consumer decision-making, particularly in the context of overpackaged products. Alexandria is an active member of the marketing community, participating in national and international marketing conferences and collaborating with researchers across a range of disciplines, including marketing, management, sustainability, and business information systems. Her research interests involve understanding consumer behaviour in sustainability marketing contexts and investigating how to embed sustainability as a strategic imperative within service organisations.