Researcher biography

Professor Liesch researches the processes and nature of the internationalisation of the firm, both large and small firms. He also investigates the nature of international business operations abroad, from export through to wholly-owned subsidiaries. The manner in which interfirm and intrafirm exchange is undertaken through these international operations is part of his research.

Peter Liesch is Professor of International Business and Leader of the Enterprise and International Business Cluster. He joined The University of Queensland in 1999 after several years at The University of Tasmania where he was Professor of Management in International Business and Head of the School of Management. At The University of Queensland, he has served as Head of the previous, pre-merger School of Management and Director of the MBA Program.

His Ph.D in Economics, written on the topic of government mandated-countertrade, was awarded by The University of Queensland. He has a book by this title. He has published many book chapters, and widely in the academic journals which include: Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of World Business, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Management Studies, Management International Review, International Journal of Human Resource Management, International Journal of Technology Management, Prometheus, Industrial Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing, International Journal of Innovation Management, International Marketing Review and others. Professor Liesch serves on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of International Business Studies and the Journal of International Management.

He is a Professional Member of the Economic Society of Australia (Qld. Inc) and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management. His primary research interests include: internationalisation of the firm (particularly the smaller firm), alternative systems of inter-firm exchange, and international business operations in their diversity, both their strategies and organisational forms. He has interests in research methodology. Professor Liesch is a CI on a current ARC Discovery Grant researching the early and rapid internationalisation of the firm, the so-called born global phenomenon. Professor Liesch has served on many university committees, and is a current member of The University of Queensland Standing Committee of its Academic Board.