Researcher biography

Morteza Namvar is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in the Business Information Systems discipline at UQ Business School. Morteza is a dedicated Machine Learning (ML) scholar and specialist. Joining the business school, he brought the experience and knowledge of computer science and IT engineering to business research. The overarching topic of his research program is explaining and using ML and NLP (Natural Language Processing) in organisations. The followings are the main research themes that Morteza is pursuing in his academic career: a) Effective use of ML, b) Using the existing ML and NLP techniques for social media analytics, and c) Improving and optimising ML and NLP techniques. Morteza has had success in attracting several external funding for NLP projects. His works are published in top-tier IS and computer science journals and conferences. Morteza teaches ML using Python programming and cloud computing (i.e., AWS) in the UQ business school.