Researcher biography

Dr Tan is a Senior Lecturer in Finance at the UQ Business School.

Dr Tan has earned a reputation as a researcher with an expertise in capital structure and econometrics. His work has been published in leading academic and practitioner journals, such as Journal of Corporate Finance and Journal of Financial Intermediation. Four of his papers have also been named as the Best Papers at the following three conferences: (1) the Asian Finance Association Conference, (2) the European Real Estate Society Conference, (3) the Western Risk and Insurance Conference; and (4) the 6th Behavioural Finance Conference. In addition, he was recently awarded the 2016 Early Career Researcher Excellence in Research Award by the UQ Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, and the 2017 Award for Excellence in Research by the UQ Business School.

Dr Tan teaches FINM3403 International Financial Management and FINM7402 Corporate Finance at UQ Business School, and was recently awarded the Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in 2013 and the Commendation for Postgraduate Teaching in 2017. Besides being an inspiring teaching instructor, Dr Tan is also a great research mentor for junior faculty and Ph.D. students. Dr Tan is particularly proud of all of his Ph.D. students, because all of them had the first chapter of their theses published in an A* journal (ABDC ranked) and received a research award before their Ph.D. graduation. In addition, his current first-year PhD students have also been awarded a few numerous best paper awards at various prestigious international conferences.

In terms of service and engagement within the UQ Business School (UQBS), Dr Tan is the Honours Program Leader, who also sits on the UQBS Research Committee and UQBS Education Committee. Dr Tan was a Postgraduate Coordinator for the finance Ph.D. program between 2017 and 2020. Outside UQBS, Dr Tan serves as a Vice President (membership) and a board member for the Asian Finance Association, which is one of the top finance associations in Asia. Dr Tan also serves as an Associate Editor at the Accounting Research Journal.

His research interests focus on corporate finance, capital structure, and labor economics.