Researcher biography

Dr. Andre A Pekerti is an Associate Professor in International Management within the International Business Discipline, at The University of Queensland Business School. He is an n-Cultural, a Christian of Indonesian-Chinese heritage who grew up in Jakarta, Southern California, and New Zealand, and is a naturalized New Zealander and Australian. Andre's multicultural background complements his research interest and teaching in international management.

His primary research topics are attributions, acculturation, cultural intelligence, cross-cultural communication, multi-method assessment on n-Culturals and cognitive complexity, ethics, family business, human factors, n-Culturals, servant leadership, social justice, trustworthiness, and wellbeing.

Andre consistently publishes in international journals including, International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of Business Ethics, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, and Journal of International Business Studies.

He served as Vice President of the Australia New Zealand International Business Academy for two terms. He consistently serves as an ad hoc reviewer for several international journals. Currently, he is on the following editorial review boards: Asia-Pacific Journal of Management; Cross-Cultural and Strategic Management; Human Resource Management Review; International Journal of Intercultural Relations; Journal of International Business Studies; Journal of World Business; and Honorary Editor of Andalas Management Review.

Andre initiated the Rapid Acculturation Mateship Program (RAMP) at UQBS. A precursor to Global Mates and BEL Buddies, RAMP is a 19-week program connecting local students with incoming international students. RAMP "Serves to facilitate adjustment to UQ, Australia and the reciprocal learning of cultures", and has positively affected the experiences of domestic and international students.

Dr. Pekerti has taught in MBA Programs at The University of Auckland, Bond University and UQ Business School. He consulted for Diner's Club, Singapore; the Department of Transport Victoria, Australia; and the Ministry of Trade, Indonesia. Most recently collaborated with BiasSync, a science-based solution designed to help organizations more effectively assess and manage unconscious bias in the work environment.

Author of n-Culturalism in Managing Work and Life: A new within individual multicultural model.