Researcher biography

Dr. Michael Turner is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting at the University of Queensland, Brisbane. Holding a PhD, a Bachelor of Business (First Class Honours), and a Graduate Certificate in Research Management, Dr. Turner excels in teaching, research, service, and student supervision. His commitment to academic excellence is evident in his superior teaching evaluations and extensive scholarly contributions. Dr. Turner has amassed a significant body of high-quality research. As at the start of 2024, he has nearly 30 journal articles, with 23 of these articles appearing in top-tier A* (5) and A-ranked (18) journals as per the Australian Business Dean's Council (ABDC) list.

Dr. Turner's research interests span strategic management accounting, corporate disclosure, ethical decision-making, and the integration of advanced technologies in accounting education.

As the Program Convenor for the Bachelor of Advanced Business with Honours program, Dr. Turner champions creativity, excellence, and respect, fostering an inclusive and respectful educational environment. His innovative teaching methods and active engagement with the academic and industry sectors underscore his dedication to educational excellence.

Dr. Turner has secured numerous research grants, from prestigious bodies such as Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ), and the German Research Foundation, demonstrating his capability in navigating the competitive funding landscape. His research projects, including studies on management accounting, capital budgeting, and the impact of digital changes on pricing, highlight his role as a leading figure in accounting research. His collaboration with industry and contributions to industry-centric platforms further amplify his impact, bridging academic insights and practical applications.

Dr. Turner's leadership extends beyond research and teaching; he serves on editorial advisory boards and acts as a reviewer for reputable journals, reflecting his commitment to upholding research quality and integrity.