Researcher biography

I'm a senior lecturer in marketing at the UQ Business School. My expertise lies in the domain of digital marketing strategy. Study after study suggests that firms and marketers are having difficulty "becoming digital". I spend my days investigating the nature of the challenge and determining what leading marketing organisations can do to rapidly increase their digital sophistication. Consumers are inundated with meaningless messages and making your brand stand out – in any language, or on any device, is a major challenge. As Australia's first PhD in digital marketing, I have a long-game perspective on digital transformation. The majority of my research examines how brands can engage with their markets in more meaningful ways. Transferring your business to digital is easy but being human is not. I therefore specialise in studying how consumers respond best to digital communications, with a particular interest in issues of data retention and and privacy. My background is in telecommunications and I have consulted with several firms and government bodies in the areas of digital marketing strategy. I have taught extensively at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. If you're interested in learning more about the kind of work I do or if you'd like to explore how we might be able to work together, please reach out to me via the contact details listed here.