Tourism expert finds good news for domestic Australian tourism amid the COVID-19 pandemic

It’s good news for the domestic tourism industry, according The University of Queensland Business School tourism expert, and member of the Service Innovation Alliance, Associate Professor Gabby Walters.

Walters, whose background is in tourism marketing with specialist expertise in tourism crisis management and disaster recovery, initiated the report after the COVID-19 pandemic started to affect the tourism industry – which followed hot on the heels of the Australian bushfires earlier in 2020.

Results of the report have been featured in The Australian, The Courier Mail, Sydney Morning Herald and others.

Speaking to the high demand from industry stakeholders, since the report which was released in April 2020, Associate Professor Walters noted that “…the impact of COVID-19 on our Tourism and Hospitality sectors has been devastating. This research was first and foremost about providing the industry with some hope and insight as to what they can expect of our domestic travel segment once restrictions are lifted”.

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