Transform the way we do business

Through the four key international accrediting bodies - AACSB, EQUIS, UNWTO and PRME - the Business School continues to strive and transform the way we do business by identifying four areas of commitment: entrepreneurship and innovation; ethics, responsibility and sustainability; engagement; and impact.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

The Business School is a place where students are encouraged and inspired to pursue an entrepreneurial journey. Numerous experts in the field and a vast ecosystem of resources support the unique needs of innovators, both inside and outside the classroom.

An example of this initiative in this space:

2020 Ericsson Innovation Award winners, Tom Bizzell and Jack Anderson​
December 2020

Current students Tom Bizzell (Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Law) and Jack Anderson (Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)), have taken out first place at the 2020 Ericsson Innovation Awards, claiming a prize of €25,000 Euros (A$40,000). The annual global competition calls on students to set major change in motion by addressing current and future climate challenges.

The pair’s software startup, WakeShare, uses bow-wave sharing as an efficient way to improve shipping fuel efficiency. Congratulations!

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Ethics, responsibility and sustainability

As a signatory to UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), the Business School is committed to doing ‘business for better’.

An example of this initiative in this space:

Small islands initiative for a plastic-free ocean

Dr Anna Phelan and Dr Carl Smith

This topical project focuses on reducing ocean plastic pollution in remote coastal communities in Indonesia.

In partnership with the Indonesian Institute of Science, the project applies participatory diagnosis tools within a transdisciplinary systems approach to identify opportunities in community-based waste management strategies.

It also aims to influence relevant policies for cleaner environmental outcomes.

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The Business School is co-creating value with its local and global stakeholders and partners. We aim to find solutions so that business and society can work together to create sustainable enterprise and communities.

An example of this initiative in this space:

Business School researcher helping grow a digital health generation

Professor Andrew Burton-Jones from the School’s Business Information Systems Discipline, in conjunction with colleagues from Health and Wellbeing Queensland, has secured $3.08 million in funding from the Queensland Department of Health for a project that will support the digital transformation of healthcare in Queensland over the next five years. 

This project will build intellectual leadership and grow a rich ecosystem of students, supervisors, fellows, and university-industry collaborations.

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The Business School is committed to people, ideas, innovation and greater global understanding. Its activities influence academia, business and the local and global community and endeavour to respond to grand challenges.

An example of this initiative in this space:

Support SMEs Recovery in Indonesia

Researchers from the School will be assisting COVID-19 recovery in Indonesia through a digital transformation grant designed to help small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

Dr Heather Stewart and a team of researchers from the School and Universitas Indonesia have been awarded a $20,000 grant under the Small, Rapid Research (SRR) scheme.

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Business School Impact Report

Learn more through the Business School’s annual report to see where we have developed and delivered on our commitment through: entrepreneurship and innovation; ethics, responsibility and sustainability (PRME); engagement; and impact.

Read full 2020 report here                     Download printable version here