Marketing in a Socially Conscious World with Dr Vivian Pontes

12 July 2022

Marketing is no longer about what your business or brand says about itself, but what it says about what’s happening in the world, too. With many social issues in recent years - think: Black Lives Matter, the Me Too movement, climate change - we’re often asked by people and businesses “what can, and should, we be doing to support this?” Knowing how to find the balance of speaking sensitively to your consumers, when everything you say has the potential to cancel your brand, is paramount in business today.

How do you know what to say and when and how? Well, this masterclass can help with that! In partnership with The University of Queensland and with lecturer in marketing, Dr Vivian Pontes, you’ll learn more about social connectedness and how this can be an important factor to encourage and build relationships with your target market.

This event took place in November 2022.