Sustainability is now essential in the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of everything that organisations do.

This important change puts organisations under immense pressure to rethink how they operate and thrive by balancing growing economic, social and environmental demands.

Join us for catered stand-up working lunch with New York Times bestselling author Dr Bruce Piasecki in conversation with KBR’s Director of Sustainable Solutions, Chris Hewitt, to hear real-world lessons from one of America’s leading sustainability and competition management consultants.

Dr Piasecki has led large multinational organisations, such as Toyota and Merck, through major sustainability transformations and initiatives that have strengthened their future.

This event is an opportunity to hear directly from an intellectual leader who has helped redefine the work of companies, the meaning of wealth and the direction of global capitalism.

KBR and the University of Queensland Business School are proud to host this important and insightful event.

Dr Bruce Piasecki

Dr Bruce Piasecki

Founder and CEO of the AHC Group, management consultant to Fortune 500 companies, including BP, Shell, Walmart and Toyota

New York Times best-selling author of 20 books, including Doing More with Less

Former advisor to the US Environmental Protection Agency and Clinton Administration White House


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