Join us for the first MBA Careers and Professional Development Team event of the year. This breakfast series will span two workshops where you will learn how to position yourself for career success and how your brain could be getting in the way, as well as finding purpose in your career. These two sessions are designed to help you plan for success and get you on track to reach your 2023 goals.

Session One | Tuesday 28 February 2023

Discover how your brain might get in the way of you achieving success with Dr Diane Harner

Subconscious Habits of Thought (SHoTs), facilitated by esteemed neuroscientist Dr Diane Harner, will help you to discover how your brain might get in the way of you achieving success.

Neuroscience is one of the hottest topics in business at the moment. People are becoming increasingly curious about what drives their thoughts and behaviour in order to enhance their own success and that of their team. Diane is a neuroscientist who has extensive experience in the corporate environment and has engineered her own success by understanding what makes people tick, including herself. Every single one of us has developed subconscious habits of thought (SHoTs) that determine our automatic responses to situations, people and environments. Whilst our brain is trying to be helpful and efficient by generating these automatic responses, sometimes they can get in the way of either setting, pursuing or achieving our goals. 

In this session, you will:

  • Participate in a diagnostic assessment and receive insight into your primary subconscious habits of thought (pre-work) 
  • Understand why the brain manufactures automatic responses or habits 
  • Learn about the eight common Subconscious Habits of Thought (SHoTs) that can impact our success 
  • Discover how to be more aware when automatic thinking is getting in your way 
  • Develop strategies to overcome these automatic responses


After registering you will receive a link to complete the CleverInsights Diagnostic survey. Your responses will go directly to Dr Diane Harner at CleverMinds Consulting, who will send you a confidential result via email one or two days before the event. Please complete before Tuesday 21 February.

Speaker Bio

Dr Diane Harner is a neuroscientist, counsellor and businesswoman who is the Managing Director of CleverMinds Consulting. Diane is driven to help people become more self-aware and deliberate in their thinking and behaviour, so that they can proactively create their own success story. Skillsets in agility, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and courage are central to being successful in a modern landscape.

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