Searching for a new role, an internal promotion, or finding a job with greater alignment, takes time, effort, and patience – especially if you have the added complexity of trying to change industries or careers.

Whatever stage you are at, our MBA Careers and Professional Development Team have put together a panel who have all made the transition. They will help you explore what it takes to bridge the gap and find the best pathway for your next move.

Our panellists include:

Claire Johnston, Director of Operations, Protegas

Claire is a business operations leader with a track record in leading the innovation and transformation of operating and service models to improve strategic alignment, build competitive positioning and improve delivery to meet client needs across sectors and industries. Transitioning across Defence, Health, Management Consulting industries, Claire has demonstrated this track record through mobilising new service lines, repositioning legacy organisations, while offering complementary experience in management consulting.

Christopher Hewitt, Director of Sustainable Solutions, KBR Incorporated

Chris is the Director of Sustainable Solutions and Sustainability at KBR. He leads a national, multidisciplinary group focused focused on developing and delivering infrastructure and business solutions that help shape the future of organisations, economies and communities. Chris' team works across a range of industries and sectors, including defence, road, rail and maritime; water, natural resources and energy; information technology and agribusiness. Their teams partner with leaders at all levels of Government in developing strategies, policy and regulations. Chris has worked across a number of international consultancies, and managed major projects in various jurisdictions.

Sally Bledsoe, Head of People, Bank of Queensland

With over 21 years of experience in the banking industry, Sally’s career has progressed from a Business Banking Officer with National Australian Bank to the Head of People, Business Partnering for the Bank of Queensland. Sally is a testament to how your career can transition within the industry you love.

Our panellists have deep, personal experience of transition and will provide their valuable insights, offer a Q&A session, and take participants through a range of topics, including:

  • Building the confidence to make the change

  • Considering your options

  • Growing your network

  • Exploring new industries

  • Leadership and self-management.

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