Join our upcoming webinar with Dr Ivano Bongiovanni, Associate Professor Sergeja Slapnicar and Ms Megan Gale from The University of Queensland and the Trust, Ethics and Governance Alliance, where they will present their research on the challenges and drivers of effective cybersecurity management in the boardroom. This webinar is a must-see for anyone engaging with cybersecurity decision-making at work and interested in improving this process. Join us and be part of this important conversation looking ahead and providing recommendations to strengthen cybersecurity management. 

Presentation abstract

Following last year's large-scale data breach (nearly 10 million customers affected), APRA has recently required Medibank to save an additional $250 mil in capital and undertake a significant review of its governance and risk culture. This is just the latest sign that the likes of APRA and ASIC are closely keeping corporate decision-makers under the radar, and negligence in cybersecurity performance will not be easily tolerated. Overall, the responsibility to oversee cyber-risk management in modern organisations lies with Boards of Directors. However, evidence suggests that boards are not nearly as engaged in cybersecurity as they are in other areas of oversight. Through the lens of neo-institutional theory, we investigated key drivers and major impediments to directors' engagement with cybersecurity. Drawing on 18 interviews with non-executive directors from 43 organisations, this research cast light on current cybersecurity practices and the factors that drive directors' engagement. This seminar will outline the research findings and practical recommendations for boards to promote more effective cybersecurity decision-making.

About the Presenters

Dr Ivano Bongiovanni

Dr Ivano Bongiovanni is a researcher, consultant, author, and speaker whose work focuses on the managerial and business implications of Cybersecurity. A Lecturer in Information Security, Governance and Leadership with the UQ Business School and a member of UQ Cyber, Ivano helps business leaders and executives make evidence-based decisions in cybersecurity. With a background in professional risk and security management, Ivano's work bridges the gap between technical cybersecurity and its repercussions across organisations. He has advised ministers, policy-makers, board members, and senior executives on strategies, governance structures, policies, and training programs for effective cybersecurity management.

Associate Professor Sergeja Slapnicar

Dr Sergeja Slapnicar is an Associate Professor of Accounting within the UQ Business School. Her research expertise crosses the topics of accountability, performance measurement, risk management, assurance, and governance. Sergeja has extensive Board experience serving as a non-executive Director in a systemic bank in Eurozone, in a multinational pharmaceutical corporation, on the Board of the Slovenian Agency for Public Oversight of Auditing, as a Chairwoman of the settlement committee in owners' disputes (Slovenia) and as an independent member in audit and remuneration committees of various public interest entities (the Slovenian Bad Bank among others). At the Slovenian Directors Association, she has trained over 1,000 executive and non-executive directors in accounting, finance, and cyber security risk management. Sergeja is a member of CPA Australia and ISACA and serves on the Education Committee of the Institute of Internal Auditors Australia.

Ms Megan Gale

Ms Megan Gale is Head of Digital Development at global engineering company KBR, and a researcher at the UQ Business School with a focus on cybersecurity governance.  Megan has a professional background in law and business management, is a non-executive director and chairperson, and has a passion for good governance, strategy development and diversity in organisations.

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