The Future of the Tourism Industry: Impacts of AI and Machine Learning

As a leading global destination, Australian tourism operators are at the forefront of enhancing visitor experiences through technology. From mobile boarding passes to personalised recommendations on travel booking sites, technology has already revolutionised the industry in the last decade. Further advancements in machine learning will also enable operators to predict when and where people choose to travel.

However, as new technologies overhaul industry, a new challenge is arising – an experience and skill deficient workforce. So how can we attract and ensure the next generation of workers are adequately prepared?

Join us as a panel of Queensland's leading tourism influencers delve into the anticipated impacts of AI and machine learning on the tourism industry, and how operators can overcome the skilled labour shortage.

The esteemed panel will include:

Moderator: Georgina Duncan, Executive Education Director (Acting), UQ Business School

If you are interested in attending, please register by Wednesday 3 July 2019.



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