Outstanding UQ Business School RHD graduates are often offered a post-doctoral appointment of up to three years. These appointments provide the School with a return on its investment in developing the next generation of research scholars. Post-doctoral appointments are also a way to bring to the School the expertise of graduates educated at other quality universities worldwide.

2019 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Asrar Qureshi Asma Modelling joint decision-making: the case of Australian higher education UQ eSpace PhD
Chang Yanhao Empirical Essays on Corporate Cash Holdings UQ eSpace PhD
Kho Joanna Transforming work practices to deliver telehealth services: A study on professional competence, routines and relational expertise UQ eSpace PhD
Li Na An exploratory study of the cruise experiencescapes: mainland Chinese tourists’ experiences UQ eSpace PhD
Liu Mengxi Information Ambiguity, Jump Tail Risk and Stock Price Reactions to Earnings Announcements UQ eSpace PhD
Meath Cristyn Organisational vulnerability to natural capital decline: Investigating the influence of the enacted environment of decision makers through a cognitive processing model UQ eSpace PhD
Pincheira Lucas Roxana Isabel Economic growth implications for environmental quality indicators: a review and empirical analyses using a dynamic endogenous environmental Kuznets curve UQ eSpace PhD
Rahman Dewan Mostafizur Essays on insider trading and governance UQ eSpace PhD
Rekker Saphira Measuring corporate performance in meeting climate change limits using a planetary boundaries approach UQ eSpace PhD
Sturgeon John David Compulsory acquisition compensation: homeowner attitudes and the principle of equivalence UQ eSpace PhD

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2018 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Al Riyami Hafidh Abdullah The Influence of Self-Positivity Bias and Novelty-Seeking Behaviour on Risk-Perceptions and Risk-Reduction Strategies: the case of tourists visiting Oman UQ eSpace PhD
Anesa Mattia Understanding the legitimacy of Corporate Tax Minimization UQ eSpace PhD
Bausseron Elise The case for strategic emotional intelligence: Extension and test of a model UQ eSpace PhD
Beaumont Stacey Executive Remuneration: Achieving Accountability through Disclosure UQ eSpace PhD
Brea Edgar A developmental perspective on business model innovation: Exploring sequences of change in high-performing IT firms UQ eSpace PhD
Coelho de Abreu Novais Margarida Tourism Destination Competitiveness: A Supply and Demand Perspective UQ eSpace PhD
de Pallant Rohan A time for principled action: The theory of principle-based marketing. A conceptual model and empirical validation UQ eSpace PhD
Ding Ashley Environmental Delta: Essays on Energy, Volatility and Climate Change UQ eSpace PhD
Gill Chelsea Essays exploring the restorative potential, experiences and outcomes of spiritual retreats UQ eSpace PhD
Gonzalez Claudia Embracing brand complexity: conceptualising and understanding the broad brand concept UQ eSpace PhD
Islam Md. Wasiul Adaptive co-management as an approach to tourism destination governance - a case of protected areas in Bangladesh UQ eSpace PhD
Magor Thomas Understanding the structure of preference heterogeneity in public transport and air travel using structural choice modelling UQ eSpace PhD
Martin Tracy Strategic Change and Human Capital Issues: A micro-level investigation into board decision making UQ eSpace PhD
Md Daud Seri Ayu The property and casualty insurance claims reserve error: Determinants and consequences UQ eSpace PhD
Mohd Suberi Adilah Information sources linkages to the equity market response to strategic alliance announcements UQ eSpace PhD
Mortimer Bruce Strategic decision-making for climate change: Dominant discourses and sensemaking for extreme dry weather events UQ eSpace PhD
Nichols Elizabeth Managers’ understandings of the practice of sustainability: a practice theory approach UQ eSpace PhD
Pappu Usha Scent sensitivity and scent preferences: What is the role of emotional intelligence? UQ eSpace PhD
Pathak Kavita Crossing the Chasm: Market Development Strategies Adopted by High-Tech Start-up Firms to Reach Viable Market Segments UQ eSpace PhD
Pham Thi Duyen Anh The influence of learning on a tourism destination community's responses to the impacts of climate change UQ eSpace PhD
Pomfret Liam Influences on consumer information sharing and privacy choices in online social networking UQ eSpace PhD
Ren Jie The influence of cultural values on the environmental attitudes and behaviours of Chinese outbound tourists UQ eSpace PhD
Russo Emily Global Talent Management: Philosophies, Practices and Performance in Foreign-owned Multinational Enterprises in Australia UQ eSpace PhD
Takahashi Marissa The Role of Network Characteristics in Facilitating Research Impact: A Knowledge Transfer Perspective UQ eSpace PhD
Woods Keegan Essays on Labour Unions and Corporate Finance UQ eSpace PhD
Yates Miriam Influencing others: Gender matters to third-parties who observe your interactions at work UQ eSpace PhD
Zuniga Perez Felipe Andres Integrated reporting: Economic incentives for disclosure and assurance UQ eSpace PhD

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2017 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Barnes Andrew Diversity revealed through networks UQ eSpace PhD
Bidin Sheena Developing and evaluating the impact of an interpretive booklet on local and international visitors' conservation learning at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre UQ eSpace PhD
Ditta-Apichai Morakot Social Influence in Online Group Buying UQ eSpace PhD
Eberhard Nicola International Channel Choice of Industrial Exporting Firms UQ eSpace PhD
Green Teegan Trust me, I'm a doctor: Understanding clinician's experience of services separation and trust formation in telehealth UQ eSpace PhD
Guerrero Robert Essays on Implied Dividends UQ eSpace PhD
Han Jianlei Three Essays on Empirical Corporate Finance UQ eSpace PhD
Hill Geof The use of reflective and critically reflective practice by business professionals UQ eSpace PhD
Huang Ronghong Managerial Overconfidence and Corporate Finance Policies UQ eSpace PhD
Jayawardhana Arachchillage The role of market learning in social innovation and value creation in Australian social purpose organisations UQ eSpace PhD
Kent Richard The Informational Impacts of Australian Listed Companies Reporting the Direct or Indirect Method Statement of Cash Flows UQ eSpace PhD
Kromah Momo Workspace Territoriality: Role, Process and Consequences in the Context of Organisational Change UQ eSpace PhD
Li Shanshi Essays in psycho-physiological measures of consumers' emotional responses to tourism advertising UQ eSpace Phd
Liu Fang Three essays on spreading word online in disasters UQ eSpace Phd
Mann Judy Exploring the implications of cultural diversity for environmental learning at an African acquarium UQ eSpace Phd
Pan Zheyao Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing UQ eSpace Phd
Peng Xiaowen Information Cost and Member Choice in the Australian Superannuation Industry UQ eSpace Phd
Rastegar Hamidreza Environmental Protection and Local Resident Attitudes at Early Stages of Tourism Development UQ eSpace Phd
Sampson Spring Structural Choice Modelling of Discrete Choice Experiments: Evaluating Accuracy and Predictive Validity UQ eSpace Phd
Shi Yunfei The Role of Leaders' Actions in IT Startup Development: A Critical Realist Perspective UQ eSpace Phd
Siehoyono Sie Lintje Towards an understanding of the older adult educational tourism market: A three-phase experience model UQ eSpace Phd
Song Sizhe Three essays on CEO overconfidence UQ eSpace Phd
Sultana Nasreen Comparison of barriers to migrant and Australian-born managers' career advancement in Australia UQ eSpace Phd
Teeter Preston The role of narratives in asset bubble formation: The case of the U.S. tech bubble UQ eSpace PhD
Wade Belinda Understanding Best Practice Carbon Management Within Australian Firms: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective UQ eSpace Phd

2016 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Al Hasani Maryam Women’s employment in Oman UQ eSpace Phd
Amir Sabrina Knowledge transfer upon repatriation: A qualitative analysis of Malaysian corporate executives UQ eSpace Phd
Cheung Lillie Understanding consumer-citizen resource integration in social networks. UQ eSpace Phd
Curcija Marcus Conflict management within the context of community based tourism: an exploratory study UQ eSpace Phd
Dinhopl Anja Essays on changing visual cultures in tourism UQ eSpace Phd
Ge Jing Humour in customer engagement on Chinese social media – a rhetorical perspective UQ eSpace Phd
Hoang Trinh Anh Three essays on modelling and testing the conditional risk premium UQ eSpace Phd
Irving Gemma Collaboration in open-plan offices UQ eSpace Phd
Li Yong Three essays on the financial analysis of the political actions of the Chinese National Social Security Fund UQ eSpace PhD
Ling Xin Changing the way we measure time to more accurately estimate the probability of informed trading UQ eSpace PhD
Lodwick Desley Contextualist-coaching for complex times UQ eSpace PhD
Manfield Russell Organizational resilience: a dynamic capabilities approach UQ eSpace Phd
Marshall Amber Sensemaking in virtual settings: a practice-based approach approach UQ eSpace Phd
May Cybele The application of social marketing to issues in animal welfare UQ eSpace Phd
Mi Lin Real Estate Volatility Index and Its Economic Significance UQ eSpace Phd
Nagai Hayato The Role of Language Proficiency and Cultural Adaptation in Travel Risk Perception: A Study of Asian Working Holiday Makers in Australia UQ eSpace Phd
Newbury Paul Technological change and the evolution of sectoral systems of innovation in highly regulated industries: a study of the Australian electricity industry UQ eSpace Phd
Perdana Arif Nonprofessional investors’ use of interactive data visualization: Fitness for use, bounded rationality and uncertainty mitigation UQ eSpace Phd
Saito Hiroaki The effects of personal values on service climate and service delivery in the hospitality industry UQ eSpace Phd
Shu Mengya The Influence of Social Media on Study Destination Selection: A Study of Chinese Outbound Students UQ eSpace Phd
Terrill Janice Women in the Australian mining industry: Careers and families UQ eSpace Phd
Trieu Thi Van Hau Three essays on effective use in business intelligence systems contexts UQ eSpace Phd
Von Frehhold Dorian On Being Open and Perceiving Novelty UQ eSpace Phd
Whyte Lincoln Cruise tourists’ perceptions of destination: Exploring push and pull motivational factors in the decision to take a cruise vacation UQ eSpace Phd

2015 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Al-Muhrzi Hamed Exploring interpretive experiences at an Omani heritage site: insider-outsider visitor perspectives UQ eSpace Phd
Alonso Vazquez Marisol Factors that influence engagement in on-site environmentally responsible behaviours at music festivals UQ eSpace Phd
Beamond Maria Translation of corporate talent management strategies across subsidiaries in emerging economies UQ eSpace Phd
Brotchie James Three essays on corporate finance modelling UQ eSpace Phd
Bu Di Essays on Financial Risk Management UQ eSpace Phd
Chen I-Ling An exploration of mindfulness and its experiential benefits: Taiwanese backpackers in Australia UQ eSpace Phd
Ford Jerad Novel product innovation in project-based firms: explaining innovation where interdependent firms deliver complex system-level outcomes UQ eSpace Phd
Forrest Regan Design factors in the museum visitor experience UQ eSpace Phd
Goh Edmund Understanding Non-compliance in National Parks: An Extension of the Theory of Planned Behaviour UQ eSpace Phd
Gration David Festival campers, the environment and the blended festivalscape UQ eSpace Phd
Gronum Sarel SME performance: the role of networking, innovation breadth, and business model design UQ eSpace Phd
Hsu Fu-Chieh Food tourism: Consumer behaviour in relation to traditional food UQ eSpace Phd
Juvan Emil Essays in environmentally sustainable tourist behaviour UQ eSpace Phd
Lenggogeni Sari Travel risk perceptions, travel intentions and influencing factors: A natural disaster context UQ eSpace Phd
McAvoy Susan The impact of Australia's carbon tax on a non-qualifying emissions intensive trade exposed manufacturing industry: demonstrating the utility of systems dynamics and life cycle assessment for policy analysis UQ eSpace Phd
Muliawan Agung Investigating the impact of direct access on the use of generalised audit software (gas) and on the quality of auditors’ analytical tests UQ eSpace Phd
Nguyen Thu Ha A state preference approach to jump risk UQ eSpace Phd
Pan Rulu Essays on corporate dividend policy: Chinese evidence UQ eSpace Phd
Rahil Shams How Consumers Perceive, Process and Respond to Innovativeness: An Examination of Consumer Perceived Brand Innovativeness UQ eSpace Phd

2014 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Akhtar Farida Shareholder wealth effects of bidding firms around bid announcements UQ eSpace PhD
Alvey John A Public Policy Case Study of the Introduction of the GST - Goods and Services Tax UQ eSpace PhD
Amarakoo Amarakoonge Upamali The Role of Human Resource Innovation in Firms' Competitive Advantage in Australian Manufacturing and Service Firms UQ eSpace Phd
Axelsen Micheal Technology Impeded Knowledge Acquisition and Retention: The effects of long-term use of intelligent decision aids on auditor professional knowledge UQ eSpace PhD
Chen Xiaoyan (Caroline) Capital structure and equity issue of Chinese companies UQ eSpace PhD
Cheung May-Yin IT Governance in IT Shared Services Environments UQ eSpace Phd
Clarke James Experience in Firm Internationalization UQ eSpace PhD
Damayanti Maya Coopetition behaviour among actors in the informal tourism economy: Studies of pedicab drivers and street vendors in Yogyakarta, Indonesia UQ eSpace PhD
Greenfield Geoffrey Technology and Not-for-Profit Workers: A longitudinal study, testing and extending the UTAUT model in the not-for-profit environment UQ eSpace Phd
Kralj Anna The “why” of HR practices: employee attributions regarding HR practices and resulting effects on service climate and employee attitudes in casinos UQ eSpace PhD
Lee Kuan-Huei The importance of food in vacation decision-making: Involvement, lifestyles and destination activity preferences of international Slow Food members UQ eSpace Phd
McKechnie Madeleine Legitimating illegitimate work: How debt collectors story legitimacy - Thesis not available   MPhil
Michalak Rebecca A dual theory, process-and-variance model of workplace mistreatment and its effects in organisations from the individual target's perspective UQ eSpace PhD
O'Neil Michael State Price Density Analysis of Equity Market Volatility: Tools for Fund Managers UQ eSpace PhD
Peart Frances The Emotional Labour of Nurse Managers: A Multi-level Approach UQ eSpace PhD
Pinto Pablo Designing complex organizations for success and survival: A dual-method approach for studying relationships between organizational structure, innovation and performance from an evolutionary perspective UQ eSpace PhD
Shazi Rahmat Trust in innovation networks UQ eSpace PhD
Singh Paul The Knowledge Absorptive Capacity of New Zealand's Regional Tourism Organisations: Exploring the role of individuals in knowledge absorptive capacity processes UQ eSpace PhD
Stephens Anna Learning how to cluster: A structurational persective UQ eSpace PhD
Zhou Qing Model and Estimation Uncertainty in Finance UQ eSpace PhD

2013 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Ali Syaiful Toward an Understanding of Effective Information Technology Investment Governance UQ eSpace PhD
Cannavan Damien Dividend imputation tax credits UQ eSpace PhD
Chen John The impact of business owners' personal behaviour, network size, network position and network actor attributes on SMEs' commitment to offshore expansion: A network study UQ eSpace PhD
Collyer Simon Project Management for Dynamic Environments: A Theory Building Study of Approaches used in Practice UQ eSpace PhD
Davidson Anthony The role of enviropreneurial marketing strategies in innovation and competitive advantage UQ eSpace PhD
Ferrers Richard A consumer value theory of innovation in 3G mobile phones: a grounded theory approach UQ eSpace PhD
Isshaq Mohammed Zangina Three Essays on Earnings, Returns and Liquidity Risk   PhD
King Robyn Management control systems, contingency theory and small business UQ eSpace PhD
Liu Zhangxin (Frank) State prices, market volatility and skewness UQ eSpace PhD
Low Rand Kwong Examination of correlation structures in the context of modern portfolio management UQ eSpace PhD
Malhotra, Aastha Exploring Managerial Practices in Australian Nonprofit Organisations: Towards an Integrative Framework   PhD
Neck Carolyn What are the drivers that lead women to leave a senior role in Finance in Australia? A mixed methods study UQ eSpace PhD
Neethling Claudine Modelling and Risk Management of Carbon Emission Allowances UQ eSpace PhD
O'Brien Elizabeth Women in Management in Australia: An historical analysis from affirmative and equal opportunity legislation to managing diversity UQ eSpace PhD
Pregelj Lisette Capability development along the capability lifecycle. Evidence from pharmaceutical innovation speed UQ eSpace PhD
Qiu Judy Jia Three essays on modelling asymmetric mutual fund performance UQ eSpace PhD
Siu Tsz Lai (David) Seasoned Equity Offerings and Managerial Opportunism UQ eSpace PhD
Staggs Jonathan Institutional entrepreneurship in the development of a new organisational field of science research infrastructure: The case of the ‘Smart State Institutes’ UQ eSpace PhD
Storer, Maree Utilizing Industry-Led Innovation — The Role of Strategic Supply Chain Relationships and Strategic Supply Chain Capability UQ eSpace PhD
Su, Yi-Hsun (Elsa) Three Essays on Carbon Pricing UQ eSpace PhD
Wang, Yong Gui (Alston) Representing Part-Whole Relations in Conceptual Modeling: Ontological and Cognitive Analyses UQ eSpace PhD
Wijesooriya Chinthake Conceptual Framework for Environmental Sustainability: Development of Survey Instrument UQ eSpace MPhil
Zambelli Peter Feedback at Work: A Phenomenographic Study UQ eSpace PhD

2012 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Banerjee Shantanu The international corporate political activities of multinational enterprises: Relationship with strategy, structure and performance UQ eSpace PhD
Chua Justin Team-level Innovation: A framework of centrality, cohesion, information communication technologies, diversity and rewards. UQ eSpace PhD
Dowd Anne-Maree Combining traditional survey and social network measures of group cohesion: A longitudinal study UQ eSpace PhD
Edwards Marissa Problemistic search and internal organisation: A study of how people find knowledge in complex organisations. UQ eSpace PhD
Langham Jo'Anne Good intentions aren't enough: The role of administrative effectiveness in predicting tax compliance behaviour. UQ eSpace MPhil
MacAulay Samuel The international corporate political activities of multinational enterprises: Relationship with strategy, structure and performance UQ eSpace PhD
Simpson Gareth A Study of Cynicism and Organisational Disengagement in the Workplace UQ eSpace PhD
Tacon Paul Three essays on the associations between investor holdings, portfolio risk, and expected returns UQ eSpace PhD
Tan Alvin The pre-internationalisation phase: An extension of the internationalisation process model UQ eSpace PhD
Trevor-Roberts Edwin Career Uncertainty: A narrative approach UQ eSpace PhD
Van Kasteren Yasmin Why are some people more environmentally sustainable than others? An exploration of how values and identity motivate sustainable behaviour UQ eSpace PhD

2011 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Abou Moghdeb Feras Business Process Improvement: A Stakeholder and Organisational Capabilities Approach UQ eSpace PhD
Fitzsimmons Terrance Navigating CEO Appointments: Do Australia's top male and female CEOs differ in how they made it to the top? UQ eSpace PhD
Johnston Allanah Humour As The Ordering And Disordering of Organisations UQ eSpace PhD
Ng, Ju-Li Intra-Team Values, Conflict and Trust UQ eSpace PhD
O'Leary, Jane Making Managing Diversity Visible: A Phenomenographic Approach UQ eSpace PhD
Ramirez-Melgoza, Alberto Positive and negative prejudicial attitudes and the experience of aggression at work: The role of gender self-categorisation and emotion UQ eSpace PhD
Tan, Kelvin Jui Keng Corporate Debt Maturity UQ eSpace PhD
To, March Leung Within-person Relationships between Mood and Creativity: The Moderating Roles of Trait Goal Orientation and Trait-relevant Context UQ eSpace PhD
Wu, Sean Yan Hui Bankruptcy Risk and Corporate Governance UQ eSpace PhD

2010 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Arnold, Stewart The role of organisational values in times of change and crisis UQ eSpace PhD
Baumgartner, Isle Acceptance and use of the service oriented computing pradigm: The IT professionals' perspective UQ eSpace PhD
Gao, Shi-Jia (Caddie) Exception management in logistics: An intelligent decision-making approach UQ eSpace PhD
Krell, Katharina The effects of motives behind the adoption of information systems on adoption success UQ eSpace PhD
Li, Bin Essays on consumption-based asset pricing models UQ eSpace PhD
Linnenluecke, Martina Organizational adaption and resilience to extreme weather events UQ eSpace PhD
Mui, Grace Auditor expert performance in fraud detection: The case of internal auditors UQ eSpace PhD
Prasad, Acklesh On enhancing IT business value: Sustaining organisational capabilities with co-created dynamic resources UQ eSpace PhD
Prugsamatz, Sunita International Students' higher education choice: Using the theory of planned behaviour to identify key choice attributes by segment UQ eSpace PhD
Salunke, Sandeep Capability development, new service development and competitive strategy in project-oriented service firms   PhD
Thomson, Alexander Corporate social performance and the financial performance link: An Australian analysis   MPhil
Tee, Yu Jin (Eugene) Upward emotional contagion and implications for leadership UQ eSpace PhD

2009 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Artiach, Tracy The effect of financial reporting conservatism and disclosure on the cost of equity capital UQ eSpace PhD
Chien, Monica Consumer evaluations of sponsor brand associations UQ eSpace PhD
Dargusch, Paul The influence of environmentalism on the export performance of export venture exporting hardwood woodchips from Australia to Japan UQ eSpace PhD
Hatherley, Anthony Asymmetric Dependence Structures UQ eSpace PhD
Hendry, Kevin The role of the board in firm strategy: A strategy as practice view UQ eSpace PhD
Hogan, Suellen Innovation in professional service firms UQ eSpace PhD
Johnston, Margaret What sponsors really want: An investigation of sponsorship decision making and choice UQ eSpace PhD
Kelly, Sarah Ambushers or true sponsors? An examination of sponsorship linked advertising UQ eSpace PhD
Lamb, Peter Small firm internationalisation: A phenomenographic approach UQ eSpace PhD
McManus, John A Kleinian analysis of organisations: Implications for employee health and wellbeing UQ eSpace PhD
Patcharawit, Songaek Performance management, organisational commitment and employee outcomes: A case in Thai policing UQ eSpace PhD
Parsons, Richard  Constructions of 'community engagement' in the Australian minerals industry: A critical study UQ eSpace PhD
Russell, Sally Examining proenvironmental behaviour in organisations: The role of emotion and issue ownership UQ eSpace PhD
Suseno, Yuliani A framework of research on social capital and knowledge acquisition: An empirical study of professional-client relationships UQ eSpace PhD
Waddell, Neal Why employees work extended working hours: A discourse study UQ eSpace PhD

2008 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Budiman, Adang Post-colonial Indonesia: A study of the impact of the colonial legacy and foreign aid on Indonesian public sector institutions. UQ eSpace PhD
Geale, Patricia Around the Board: Corporate governance from a board director's perspective. UQ eSpace PhD
Greenhill, Jennene Turbulence in the management of health services: Change, inertia, power and the professions UQ eSpace PhD
Haigh, Nardia A Study of Strategy in Response to Climate Change Issues UQ eSpace PhD
Humphrey, Jacquelyn Investors' appetite for returns: further analysis of aggregate fund flow UQ eSpace PhD
Kastelle, Tim Analysing the Evolution of International Trade: A Complex Networks Approach - measuring globalization in the international trade network from 1938-2003 UQ eSpace PhD
Ng, Sandy The antecedents and consequences of customer affect in collective hedonic services. UQ eSpace PhD
Nowland, John Value relevance of corporate governance improvements in Asia UQ eSpace PhD
O'Brien, Michael Size, book to market and momentum effects in the Australian stock market UQ eSpace PhD
Ratten, Vanessa The role of an organisation's learning orientation in an alliance context: A study on the information and communication technology sector in Queensland. UQ eSpace PhD
Simon, Andreas Essays on analysts' long-term earnings growth forecasts. UQ eSpace PhD
Wallace, Sandra Cost Accounting System Design: The impact of competition on cost allocation and cost management. UQ eSpace PhD

2007 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Andrews, Lynda Consumption, of mobile devices: Exploring the impact of experiential value and emotions on consumer actions UQ eSpace PhD
Frick, Hermann Identification, assessment, treatment and monitoring of legal risk in foreign direct investments: A multiple case study approach for Australian investments in Chile UQ Library PhD
Mayhew, Melissa Identity and identification in organisational contexts: Towards an interactionist perspective UQ eSpace PhD
Nicholson, Gavin Australian Boards and performance: A multi-method test of three theories of governance UQ eSpace PhD
Pandin, Marcelino Strategic response in a volatile environment: The case of the Indonesian TV broadcasting industry UQ eSpace PhD
Thoraneenitiyan, Nakhun The impact of post-crisis restructuring on the banking systems of developing countries UQ eSpace PhD
Wright, April Shifting ideology and institutional logics: Institutional change in English County cricket UQ eSpace PhD
Yau, Hon Identifying Barriers to the Uptake of ICT in a Quality Management Context: Cases from the Hong Kong Transport Sector UQ eSpace PhD

2006 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Baker, Laura Employee responses to organisational change: The moderating effects of perceptions of organisational justice and pscyhological contracts UQ eSpace PhD
Chan, Kam Fong Modelling short-term interest rates and electricity spot prices UQ eSpace PhD
Cheung, May-Yin Effective information technology governance arrangements UQ eSpace MPhil
Cork, Julie The Queensland public sector: Assessing the Goss government reforms UQ eSpace MPhil
Crossman, Deborah The value relevance of superannuation disclosures for Australian companies, 2002 and 2003 UQ eSpace MPhil
Fusimalohi, Taniela Culture-bound public administration: The value basis of public administration in Tonga UQ eSpace PhD
Gottlieb, Udo Trade show effectiveness and outcomes: A visitor's perspective UQ eSpace PhD
Hume, Margee Investigating re-purchase intention in an experiential context using operations and marketing perspectives UQ eSpace PhD
Jones, Stephen The role of local government in local economic development   PhD
Lawrence, Sandra An integrative model of perceived available support, organisational stress and support mobilisation UQ eSpace PhD
McGovern, Kerry Governance reform in New Zealand's State Sector 1984---94: A case study   MPhil
Mohd Salleh, Noor Akma The effect of enacted capabilities on adoption and utilisation of innovative information systems: A study of small- and medium-sized enterprises UQ eSpace PhD
Nguyen, Doan Service recovery: A re-conceptualisation UQ eSpace PhD
Noordink, Peter Cognitive and affective styles in financial decision-making UQ eSpace PhD
Skoufa, Lucas A strategic management framework for reformed electricity generation firms in Eastern Australia UQ eSpace PhD
Tse, Herman Ho Man The role of affect, fairness, and social identification in vertical and lateral exchange relationships UQ eSpace PhD
Yatim, Puan Internal governance structures, board ethnicity, and external audit fees of Malaysian listed firms   PhD

2005 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Dasborough, Marie Follower emotional responses to attributions of leadership UQ eSpace PhD
de Vroet, Frits Overseas Chinese business performance: An investigation into competitive advantage of overseas Chinese business firms UQ eSpace PhD
Foley, Dennis Understanding indigenous entrepreneurs: A case study analysis UQ eSpace PhD
Hall, Jason The impact of growth, volatility and competitive advantage on the value of equity investments and their embedded options UQ eSpace PhD
Hoang, Philip Essays in electricity markets   PhD
Hsu, Grace Chia-Man The impact of earnings performance on price sensitive disclosures under the Australian continuous disclosure regime UQ eSpace PhD
Hunt, Christopher Pricing policy sensitivity: The case of the Australian Urban Water Industry (AUWI) UQ eSpace PhD
Newey, Lance Knowledge exploitation capabilities and value creation in interorganizational new product development UQ eSpace PhD
Plowman, Ian Birth-order, motives, occupational role choice and organizational innovation: An evolutionary perspective UQ eSpace PhD
Schembri, Sharon Consumer understanding of professional service quality: A phenomenographic study UQ eSpace PhD
Throssell, Glenys How and why biotechnology clusters are formed in the UK and Australia? UQ eSpace MPhil
Tombs, Alastair The social-servicescape: Influence of other customers on customers present UQ eSpace PhD
Wong, Hiong Chin (Rose) Managing the paradox of commercialising public good research UQ eSpace PhD

2004 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Alpert, Karen The effects of taxation on put-call parity and option exercise behavior UQ eSpace PhD
Castner, Grant A model of cluster adoption: the role of transaction costs, resource characteristics, and technology UQ eSpace PhD
McNamara, Simone The market premium for the option to close: Evidence from Australian gold mining firms   PhD
Monaghan, Peter rofessional group membership and perceptions of organizational communication UQ eSpace PhD
Prananto, A. Electronic business stages of growth: A definition and evaluation in an Australian context UQ eSpace PhD
Robb, Alastair Query error detection: Using base rates to improve end user query performance UQ eSpace PhD
Roan, Amanda The impact of technology-based self-service on the service encounter   PhD
Rowe, Patricia Leadership and double-loop learning in executive teams UQ eSpace PhD
sim, Marc Effects of national culture on group decision making by auditors UQ eSpace PhD
Steen, John Actor-networks in the resource-based view of strategic management UQ eSpace PhD
Tee, SingWhat An empirical investigation of factors influencing organisations to improve data quality UQ eSpace PhD

2003 Graduates

Graduate Thesis Title Library Link Degree Awarded
Ayoko, Oluremi Making a difference from differences: Culturally heterogeneous workgroups need leaders with conflict and emotions management skills UQ eSpace PhD
Finn, Carmel Emotions in diverse teams: An affective events perspective UQ eSpace PhD
Johnson, Malcolm Prediction of baby-boomer intentions to seek financial planning advice UQ eSpace PhD
Lennon, Alexia Creating learning organisations: Practitioner perspective UQ eSpace PhD
Lim, Nena The effects of experience and perceptions on consumers' acceptance of on-line shopping UQ eSpace PhD
Lynch, Peter Growth-survival tradeoffs of Queensland licensed homebuilders 1986---1996: an event history study UQ eSpace PhD
McGaughey, Sara New descriptions and understandings of internationalisation: a tale of knowledge-intensive SMEs UQ eSpace PhD
Netiniyom, Pattaragit An empirical investigation of cash management and financial firm governance: A study of Thai companies UQ eSpace PhD
Sinclair, Marta The use of intuition in managerial decision-making: determinants and affective moderators UQ eSpace PhD
Tluchlowska, Malgorzata Management of group processes during organisational change UQ eSpace PhD