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  • International forces are reshaping the world of business, but also creating new opportunities and a more level playing field for small firms.
  • UQ researchers have discovered domestic travel to Australian wineries produces a much lower environmental footprint than international travel. With national wineries leading sustainability innovation worldwide, you can now sip your way to sustainability by supporting local businesses.
  • Even though we interact with some form of artificial intelligence (AI) every day, a new report from UQ Business School researchers discovered two-thirds of Australians don’t trust AI systems. This raises the question: What does this mean for the future of Australian businesses?
  • Leaders and teams have been tested more than ever before during the pandemic, as they've navigated hardship, dealt with increased levels of remote work and attempted to balance personal wellbeing. To help leaders adapt and continue to succeed in uncertain times, UQ Business School researchers share the top 5 leadership trends that will dominate the future business landscape.
  • As Australia emerges from a winter hibernation unlike any experienced before, many small businesses are struggling to stay afloat. Top UQ business and law experts share their top strategies to help small businesses take stock, pivot and innovate to avoid an insolvency spiral.
  • The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a series of changes to the way we work. From suddenly managing teams working remotely to employees experiencing hardship – the crisis has led to many new leadership challenges. According to Professor Neal Ashkanasy (OAM), leaders now more than ever need to have a sharpened awareness of emotional intelligence and how to use it.
  • Most people say they care about their personal information being shared online. However, a much smaller percentage of people actually take the necessary actions to preserve their privacy. Dr Ivano Bongiovanni discusses why actions don’t always match beliefs when it comes to data.
  • The chaos caused by the coronavirus outbreak forced the hand of Australian businesses and organisations to create and action rigorous COVID Safe plans, allowing them to continue operating while mitigating risk to the community. Dr Anna Phelan warns that without a similar approach to the global plastic waste issue, this crisis will continue to escalate.
  • Insider trading comes in two main forms: arguably legal and clearly illegal. But, as with drugs in sport, it’s hard to tell when arguably legal ends and clearly illegal begins. Associate Professor Barry Oliver sheds light on new research how some CEOs are walking a thin line when it comes to insider trading.


  • “Innovation is imperative. But there’s no point being innovative just for the sake of it. You don’t want to re-invent the wheel. If you are doing something that works, keep doing it. But if you spot a gap, you get innovative.”
  • Ninety per cent of smart phone owners use their phones to look up local information. Sixty per cent then act on it to visit, buy from or interact deeper.
  • From showrooming to virgin consumers we’re tripping over new business buzzwords at every turn. Are they simply jargon or do they tell us something about today’s rapidly changing business landscape that we should be listening to?
  • The Australian Government’s first Cyber Crime and Security Report was launched this month, with statistics showing that cyber crime has become ever more targeted and much more efficient. UQ Business School’s Dr Peter Clutterbuck suggests there is still plenty that businesses can do to protect their data integrity.
  • We clock up 189 million hours of online video each year in Australia. Business and corporate videos are the second most popular content category, after entertainment. Do you know where to look for the latest and greatest online business video insights?
  • Consider the emerging business trends and think forward. What new skills in information management, healthcare and innovation will take the businesses of 2020 and beyond towards a prosperous future?
  • Robots are moving off the assembly line, into other areas of work. Businesses will need to adapt to take advantage of the benefits that robots can offer, while managing the impact on their human workforce. The mantras of organisational change management, leadership and culture will take on new and very real meaning.
  • Between us we’ve downloaded 11 apps for every man, woman and child on earth - and not everyone has a smart phone. Yet. We take a look at a few apps that are emerging for business use. It’s just a sample. Do you have more to add?
  • In the 1950s Australia was the lucky country. Under Hawke we became the clever country. But are good fortune and bright ideas enough? UQ Business School's Professor Mark Dodgson argues that we must become the innovative country since innovation is the driver of future economic growth.


  • It’s no joke - US companies are adopting humour as a tool to improve performance. Could the same approach work in Australia?

  • In business and in war, prolonged stress can be a killer. New research amongst Special Forces troops shows how emotional intelligence training can build resilience.
  • An expat assignment can have a damaging effect on the ‘trailing spouse’ – but why do some partners thrive when others sink into despair?
  • Research has revealed the different approaches that managers use to deal with diversity in real life work situations – but which is the most effective?
  • From socialising with staff to devising strategies to save face, the latest article in our ‘Asian century’ series explores the challenges facing Western managers in China’s hotels.
  • As boards are opening their doors to a wider range of candidates, there is also greater competition for places. So how do you prepare to become a company director and secure the right position?
  • Finland has become a global market leader in the lucrative mobile gaming industry. Could the country’s unique business culture be the key to its success?
  • Telemedicine could transform Australia’s health services – but overcoming resistance from patients and healthcare professionals will require strong change management skills.
  • We take a look at a few useful business podcasts that could pep up your journey, and make you more effective when you get there.