• Master Business, Business (Amiens Business School, France)
  • Bachelor Business, Business (University of Valenciennes, France)
  • Graduate Certificate in Careers and Education (RMIT, Australia)
  • 2019 University of Exeter fellow (England)
  • 2023 Technical University of Munich fellow (Germany)

Much of my professional journey thus far has been steeped in the dynamic and demanding world of higher education, business development, account management, human resources, and senior executive recruitment across major cities including Brussels, London, Sydney, and Brisbane. Boasting over ten years of experience as a career development specialist and a graduate outcome professional, I bring to the table not only a rich array of practical engagement skills and knowledge but also a robust career advisory acumen and relationship management prowess. My experience spans various sectors such as start-ups, government, NFPs, public and commercial domains.

Being an effective professional with a demonstrated ability to interact with students from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, I excel at devising timely and targeted initiatives to bolster employability and lifelong career progression. I engage extensively across sectors to empower students and staff to enhance their career capabilities for graduate employability. This is achieved by focusing on industry requirements, pioneering and hands-on activities, and catering to the social and emotional needs of students.

My exposure to unique training programs and continuous professional development has equipped me with practical know-how of handling various business aspects. I am recognised as an enthusiastic, impactful, and highly motivated team builder and player with a broad range of experience in public and corporate sectors.

Possessing stellar interpersonal and influencing skills, I am adept at establishing strong internal and external relationships and motivating and building relationships across diverse functions and levels within an organisation. As a proactive individual, I display an entrepreneurial spirit, drive, and persistence, and have the ability to comprehend and contribute towards achieving business strategies. I am performance-oriented, customer-centric, and harbor a strong ambition to excel in the projects I undertake.