Tina Gao obtained her PhD from UNSW Australia in 2014. Her first and continuing research interest has been in the field of financial accounting. Specifically, she is interested in the production and use of accounting information in business decisions. Examples of her current research include the effectiveness of mandatory disclosure, the managerial reporting incentives and the production of information by financial analysts. Her PhD thesis uses mandatory IFRS adoption as a natural experiment to investigate how the enforcement of mandatory disclosure regulation affects the investment efficiency of two types of firms: the mandatory adopters and pre-mandatory adopters (voluntary adopters). Aspects of her thesis have been written up into working papers and have been accepted for presentation at a number of highly regarded international conferences. These include the American Accounting Association (AAA) annual conference, the AAA Midyear conference, the European Accounting Association (EAA) annual conference and the AFAANZ conference. Before joining UQ, she worked as a lecturer at UNSW. Currently, she is teaching financial accounting for postgraduate students at UQ.