Researcher biography

Gemma's teaching expertise is in management and strategy, with a focus on introducing first-year undergraduate business students to evidence-based management and the idea of management as a profession. She is a passionate advocate for team-based learning.

Gemma's specific research interests include organisational spaces, collaboration, and professional work. Gemma's current research agenda focuses on the role of spaces including collaborative buildings, open-plan offices, and the floor of emergency departments, in shaping the day-to-day work of professionals such as scientists, engineers and doctors.

Gemma is currently involved in an Australian Research Council Discovery Project that explores the impact of regulatory change (i.e. "the four hour rule") on the profession of Emergency Medicine in Australia. The outcomes of the project will help public healthcare organisations to balance the delivery of efficient and quality patient care with the welfare of health-care workers.

As part of her PhD research on collaboration in open-plan offices, Gemma worked with government departments, universities, and ASX-listed companies to explore how organisations can use spaces to promote positive outcomes for professionals. Gemma's PhD research helps managers to make better decisions about workspace design, to implement workspace change, and to support employees to work effectively in open-plan office environments.