The University of Queensland and the Business School offer a range of scholarships to assist students from many different backgrounds to assist in paying for their university fees.

The University of Queensland offers a range of scholarships for undergraduate, postgraduate and Higher Degree by Research students, information relating to these scholarships can be found on the University's Scholarships website

Summer and Winter Research scholarships

The Summer and Winter Research Programs offer scholarships to students wishing to undertake a research internship over the summer and winter vacation periods.

Research internships provide students with the opportunity to work with a researcher in a formal research environment so that they may experience the research process and discover what research is being undertaken in their field of interest at UQ.

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Our Scholarships

Scholarships explained

We have one of the most generous offerings in the state, with scholarships that can help with financial supporttuitionaccommodationmentoring and industry experience.

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Prizes and awards

Prizes are available to both domestic and international students and are awarded to high-performing students on the basis of academic merit.

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